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Crowdsourcing Transaction Service

The crowdsourcing transaction service of JointForce is targeted for the customers with short- or medium-term IT service demands and the individuals, teams and enterprises who are willing to provide services. To enable both parties to the transaction to enter into cooperation in a rapid, safe and effective manner, JointForce provides effective and comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the IT service..

Transaction Model and Process

Enterprise Bidding (Main Transaction Model)

• Select the most appropriate one from a plurality of applicants to receive outsourcing;
• By type of outsourcing receiver, transaction is classified into B2B and B2C, corresponding to different processing mechanisms in the operation level and different types of contracts.
• Main transaction process:

Reservation Cooperation

• Look for potential outsourcing receiving partners to complete the critical work together at the early stage of certain project opportunities (bid, product integration, etc.) and share benefits and risks; Targeted mainly for enterprises, looking for potential B2B partners.

Contract Awarding Reward

• Collect works and ideas on a large scale and choose the best (one or more) to pay;
• Main transaction type: B2C.。

Distinctive  Service for Crowdsourcing Transactions on JointForce

Inquiry and Professional Guidance Service

If the contract awarder has a specific project, but is uncertain about the budget and resources required or afraid of being hoodwinked due to lack of case reference and professional competence.JointForce gathers senior product managers, excellent service providers and industry elites in the field to provide fast and professional demand combing, design and demand inquiry service.

Thoughtful Bid Selection Service

If there are too few bidders to find satisfactory outsourcing receivers or too many bidders to choose.
The perfect bid selection workbench on JointForce provides such functions as alternatives, remarks, elimination, intelligent ordering and selection recording for contract awarders to identify and select the most satisfactory outsourcing receivers;
JointForce also provides functions of online communication and audio & video interview, allowing you to get in touch with applicants faster and more directly and know them more conveniently and comprehensively;
Besides, the resource manager of JointForce will always pay attention to the application situation of the demand and provide the demander with professional resource search and recommendation service to ensure the quality and efficiency of resource delivery.

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Comprehensive and Thoughtful Contract Service

Contract template customization service: enterprises simply upload the contract template document, and the professionals of JointForce will finish template customization in 1~3 working day(s);
Support execution of both the online and offline contract and guarantee their consistency and validity;
JointForce also provides services like invoicing, online contract downloading and printing and supplementary agreement signing.

Staged Escrow and Payment Service for Large-amount Contracts

Considering that if the contract amount is large, one-time escrow and payment will pose certain financial pressure on SMEs.
In signing the contract, JointForce provides a staged escrow and payment solution: the project can be started if the contract awarder specifies the staged acceptance and payment terms with the outsourcing receiver and pays the specified amount at the end of the first escrow stage.