Development Collaboration Cloud

DCC is a cloud platform to provide communication and collaboration and a range of development services for projects delivered on JointForce. It allows real-time connection between the demander and the service developer for discussion and cooperation no matter where they are located. Specifically, progress inquiry, prototype check, document collaboration, problem management, daily report and weekly report, code management, code quality check and project risk warning can be implemented through platform tools. It establishes a new model for more efficient development, collaboration and delivery online, so that our users can enjoy benefits and funs of crowdsourcing.

A digital core business with communication and collaboration as the foundation

DCC laid a solid infrastructure for communication and collaboration, making it possible for people to concentrate on project delivery. The connection relationships involved in communication, collaboration and deliverables are recorded and archived through digitization. Such a digitization core provides powerful capacity of reverse tracing and problem identifying, and establishes a foundation for intelligent operations.

Economical, quick communications and conferences for software development

This platform provides asynchronous communication and audio & video conference, taking into account the characteristics and key scenes of software development process. User can initiate communication sessions anytime and anywhere, with high communication quality, minimized cost and easy accessibility. Transparent, target-specific services for appointment, organizing, and data archiving of the conference include intuitive online prototype display, which allows both parties in a project to confirm demands and design, quickly check the effect online, and conduct discussion and review on the prototype.

Simple, automatic and intelligent delivery

JointForce DCC makes people who are not good at IT skills capable of sound delivery management and operations. It has significantly reduced the technical threshold to use the-state-of-art platform, while providing thoughtful services, including the whole process operation and tracking on mobile phones, simpler Git code client, free automatic backup of code base, zero-base automatic code quality testing, intelligent project health assessment, JF butler reminder, etc. We do all of this just to save your effort and make you worry-free.

Integrate a large number of best practices and wonderful tools

This cloud integrates a large number of best practices and successful experiences of Chinasoft International and our leading enterprise clients, which can be accessed easily through the system; meanwhile, we also provides peripheral tools to escort project delivery.

This cloud provides templates to check process model in accordance with project categories, which is simple, easy to use, and can be customized.

Also you will have user-friendly delivery tools - weekly report and daily report, problem management, document archiving, code management... and everything to make the delivery process smooth.