Expert Operation Service

Expert operation service platform runs through the whole project process on the platform transaction, from contract awarding, project delivery to acceptance and payment.

Contract awarding stage

Enterprises that have demands first register in JointForce, publish demands through the platform and communicate with the bidders on the platform to select the most appropriate supplier. JointForce provides the following services in this stage。

1.Guidance on demand publishing
2.Demand consulting service
3. Estimation of workload and price
4.Resource matching and recommendation
5.Professional contract-splitting service

Contract signing stage

To award a contract, the awarder must be authenticated in real name and then conducts negotiation with a bidder. When the contract is signed, the fund of the contract awarder is escrowed to the platform. JointForce provides the following services in this stage。

1.Contract management
2.Fund escrow

Project delivery stage

Project delivery stage refers to the whole process that the outsourcing receiver of the platform resource conducts research, design, development, testing and submission required by the project according to the requirements of the contract awarder after signing the contract. JointForce provides the following services in this stage。

1.Project monitoring service
2.System crowdtesting service
3.Process supervision service
4.Dispute settlement service

Payment acceptance stage

Payment acceptance stage refers to the process that the contract awarder conducts acceptance for each key part of the project and pays acceptance payment as agreed in the contract and the contract awarder conducts evaluation for the completion situation of the outsourcing receiver. Ensure that the documents, codes and other related submissions have all been submitted to the development collaboration cloud of the platform at the acceptance of the project. JointForce provides the following services in this stage。

1.Checking submissions for acceptance
2.Online payment service
3.Evaluating outsourcing receivers