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Crowdtesting Service

Test + is a reliable IT crowdsourcing platform under Chinasoft International, aiming at providing professional and advanced technical analysis as well as efficient and comprehensive testing services in accordance with customer needs. Through planned, rational and normative combination of services, it provides a variety of proven supporting solutions for customers.
Test + not only outputs high-quality test reports. We are more concerned about the value the test reports can bring to customers. We are committed to think before customers, make planning ahead for the future of customers’ products, and associate test with more fields and more users, so as to meet customer’s current and future demands.

Service Features

Innovative Operation Mode

Projects implementation mode of "Experts + Crowdtesting + Recommendations"。

Broad users

Test + has a broad customer group. It is especially suitable for customers with inadequate testers, customers who want to minimize cost on test teams, customers who are unable to conduct system acceptance, customers with high product testing requirements, customers who need more people to participate in tests, and customers who need to conduct open experiences.

Historical trace

The test program adopted by Test + has sound management practices and function supports during the early stage, middle stage and later stage of execution so that each step of the project can be tracked, traced and monitored.

Low cost, high efficiency

Test + solutions: the delivery cycle of project can be reduced by 50% at most (three days for APP, and seven days for WEB system); cost for a single round of test can be reduced by 30% at most. It effectively reduces cost for hiring manpower and later maintenance.

Service Details

Test + offers a variety of testing products and tools to provide comprehensive test-related solutions for customers from all industries:

Automated Test

Manual test is transformed to test performed by machine
Features: convenient and efficient, asset reusing, manpower and time saving.

Localization Test

Making the product more suitable for local users
Features: localization customization for more than ten countries, basic functional check, compatibility of local software and hardware, software interface layout, translation quality, using habits of local users.

Function Test

finding the function defects of products in advance to ensure the user experience
Flowchart: Platform testing experts divide product functions into modules →function point dismantling →simulating the real-world scenarios and designing testing steps →professional testers executing by steps → outputting the program report (including test cases, BUG description, and suggestions for improvement).

Performance Test

Including two modules-stress testing and load testing, showing the data performance and maximum service level of products in normal, peak and abnormal load
Flowchart: Simulating various real-world scenarios → choosing key representative business operation cases →simulating executions of thousands of users repeatedly → looking for the performance bottlenecks → giving optimization suggestions.

Security test

Finding security holes of products in advance to avoid irreparable loss
Flowchart: providing multiple levels of security testing solutions: security holes scanning → evaluating current security status of products → collecting process error messages → evaluating the designing logic of products → issuing professional test reports with suggestions for improvement.

Compatibility Test

"platform independent" software with no significant difference in multi-platform use
Features: Exerting the concept of "crowd", thousands of real equipment are employed in operation verification → automatically completing operations of installation/start/running/uninstallation → traversing each functional point → collecting error messages/screenshots/logs in the process → giving professional test reports to help locating and solving problems.

Crash Test

Finding defects in products in advance to ensure their stable operation
Flowchart: real-time capturing crashing problems like no response, flash back and abnormalities occurring in the process of use → quickly locating problems according to the reported information → outputting the test report containing crash stack information, abnormal information, logs and performance data → marking and analyzing cause of the crash.

Operation Test

operation strategies and planning of promotion strategies play vital roles in the success of products. Test + launched testing products associated with the operation to guarantee smooth operation and promotion of customers’ products
Main products include:
• Usability test:As for the interactive experience of APP and Web, tests are conducted on understandability, learnability, operability, attractability, compliance of usability to experience interface and UI objectively and give feedbacks in accordance with the standards.

A/B Test

Formulate two schemes for Web or APP product objectives to obtain a conclusive conclusion through approaches of scientific experimental design, sample representativeness, traffic partition and small traffic testing, etc. It also ensures that the conclusion is reliable when upscaled to all traffic.

SEO optimization setting test

Comb tedious SEO optimization projects, confirm and check for network optimization for customer products.