CSI's JointForce and Huawei's DevCloud Teamed Up to Usher in Industry Revolution!


On March 22, Huawei•Qingdao Software Cloud Development Conference officially kicked off. In attendance were leaders from Qingdao government and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Chinasoft International's (“CSI”) JointForce attended the conference as Huawei’s strategic partner. Dr. Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of CSI, and Tong Qiang, Excutive President of CSI Interntet ITS Group, participated in the conference. Mr. Tong Qiang delivered a speech outlining the development of the software crowdsourcing mode and explaining the reasons behind and advantage obtained after the cooperation of JointForce, a software outsourcing platform, and Huawei’s DevCloud. His speech received much attention and applause from the attending enterprises.

What is JointForce? JointForce is a platform launched by CSI aimed at improving the efficiency of the software industry by inviting vendors capable of providing such services as software system, APP, WeChat public account, and website construction to join the platform and offer emergent services at the most cost-effective prices to customers with corresponding demands. Compared with conventional channels, this can save up to 30% of costs for customers! Both demand enterprises and vendors benefit from the platform: enterprises with demands can save the time and human resource costs spent on hiring, thereby meeting their demands with respect to software at low costs and with high quality. Meanwhile, service providers can leverage the guarantee mechanism of the platform to gain profits more quickly.

The in-depth strategic cooperation of  CSI’s JointForce and Huawei’s DevCloud will not only provide service providers with quick access to the tools on Huawei’s software development cloud for increased efficiency and higher profit margin, but also allow enterprises to meet their demands more quickly and with more guarantee for project quality.

So far, 130,000+ high-caliber development engineers, 1,000+ teams, and 3,000+ outsourced enterprises have joint JointForce, with over 12,000 registered enterprises and more than RMB800 million total outsourcing amount. Tens of thousands of engineers and nearly a thousand service providers have earned profits here by providing services for a multitude of companies such as China Electronics, Datang Network, CITIC group, UF Software, and Founder Electronics.

This year, JointForce will continue to explore new industries by engaging more services, including branch building, marketing and promotion, industrial design and intelligent manufacturing, Internet+, IT human resource, and IT education entrepreneurship, to become the most important channel for service suppliers from various industries to win customers, and to provide one-stop solution with full services for demand enterprises in various industries, saving time, energy, and money! Ask and it is given!

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