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On the afternoon of April 20, General Secretary Xi Jinping arrived at Nanning Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base for inspection. He visited the results of intelligent manufacturing, information technology, and talent cultivation achieved by enterprises settling in the base and learned about the synergetic innovation and development between local enterprises and others promoted by the base.

As the main representative enterprise, Chinasoft International (“CSI”) presented and reported relevant achievements and works to General Secretary Xi. Liu Zhangbei, Director of Operations of Nanning Excellency Experience Center under Education and Technology Group of CSI, explained to General Secretary Xi that CSI is a leading software service enterprise from Zhongguancun which was listed in Hong Kong and settled in Nanning Zhongguancun in July last year.

To date, CSI had built a national education center for engineering practices and an innovative and venture base for college students. During the eight months since its settlement in the base, CSI had established in-depth partnership with 16 colleges and universities in Guangxi, cultivating over 1,000 software technology talents, infusing talents and creating a talent reservoir for Nanning’s development as a service outsourcing city and the growth of its information technology. Guided by the national strategy of “The Belt and Road”, CSI saw the potential of Nanning, Guangxi in its advantageous location as a window to ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), and set its cultivation base for IT talents in Nanning. As a next step, CSI would deploy a service outsourcing center here powered by 2,000 employees, in order to lay a solid foundation for entering ASEAN, levering the Zhongguancun platform.

General Secretary Xi nodded his approval of the achievements of CSI in eight short months, saying “well-done!”, and expressed his recognition and support for CSI’s efforts in cultivation of innovative technology talents. As a leading software enterprise of China, CSI would shoulder the responsibility of creating extraordinary works with ordinary people, making significant contribution to the software industry!

In conclusion of his speech, General Secretary Xi said, “The development of high and new technology requires communication and cooperation, which will create a win-win situation for all parties involved; everyone has his shortcomings and merits. Exchange is only possible if everyone get something in return. A good seed needs proper environment to blossom and bear fruit.”

Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi, CSI would spare no effort to achieve its ultimate goal of becoming a world-class software enterprise. The Education and Technology Group of CSI would persistently strengthen its cooperation with colleges and universities across the country in its quest for truth and its mission of cultivating talents, drawing strength from the spirit of the craftsman to make greater contribution to the cultivation of excellent talents for the next generation IT technology, and to cultivate and deliver more innovative, practical, and entrepreneurial talents!

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