The Delivery of National Teacher Management Information System Built by CSI was Reported in CCTV News


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the completion and launching of the National Teacher Management Information System in Beijing. The leaders of the Teacher Work Department and Information Center of the Ministry of Education, and the relevant officials of the provincial administrative departments of education, provincial educational information departments and some colleges under central ministries attended this event in the national education system, which was reported in the CCTV News.

The design and development of the National Teacher Management Information System (“the System”) was undertook by CSI’s high-tech business R&D team. It was initiated in 2014, put into trial use in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Gansu in 2015, and completed in 2016. In 2017, it will be put into full use.

The project team presented constructive proposals and suggestions actively based on the feedbacks from various sources and followed the work procedures, specifications and standards strictly to develop the System. They overcame difficulties as indefinite requirements and extended construction period, demonstrating their excellent working capability, dedication, technological level and service consciousness. The leaders of the Teacher Work Department and Information Center of the Ministry of Education fully recognized the System and highly appreciated the project team for strong service consciousness, timely response and highly work efficiency, which laid a foundation for us to undertake the phase-II construction of the System and the expansion of the relevant provincial systems.

The System will be connected and linked to the relevant education management service platform to establish and improve the teacher management information system covering all levels of administrative departments of education and all levels and types of schools. The efficient collection, regular updating and effective integration of teacher information will form teachers’ big data. The big data analysis will provide strong support for teacher work decisions, improve their scientificity, pertinence and effectiveness. The information system will be integrated deeply with teacher cultivation, teacher training, teacher resources allocation and teacher management evaluation to reconstruct the teacher management approach and process, promote the meticulous and precision management and achieve a modern teacher management system and capability.

It is another major project with social significance developed by CSI after Olympic Games, World Exposition, Chang’e-2, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect and other projects related to the nation and people’s livelihood. It demonstrates the development and delivery capability of CSI in major projects and its commitment to social responsibility. We will continue to promote this tradition and grow with the national education system!

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