CSI and Huawei Jointly Participated in the Third Rail Transit AFC System Design and Planning & Development Seminar


Recently, the “Third Rail Transit Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System Design and Planning & Development Seminar” was held in Rongcheng, a beautiful city of Chengdu.Nearly one hundred persons from CSI, Huawei and other major design institutes, integrators, and suppliers of related equipment in the field of rail transit came together to discuss the design, planning and development of the AFC system.

This annual seminar aimed at implementing the results achieved at the last seminar, further improving the communication and exchange between major design institutes for the AFC system in urban rail transit. Under the topic of “Design Scheme and Development Planning of the Automatic Fare Collection System in the Era of the Internet”, the seminar discussed new issues encountered during the past year in design and planning. This one-day event was affluent in contents and full of actions, packed with heated and open discussions, winning the approval of the attending representatives.

During the technical speech section, most speakers focused on the overall trend of Internet+ in their report. Mr. Shen Guangliang from Huawei delivered a report entitled “AFC Innovation and Development Take Off in the Cloud”, in which he detailed the latest research results achieved by major integrators in China on Huawei’s cloud platform. Among one of these results, Huawei cloud based on “Cloud ACC” system developed by the Transit Business Line of CSI, had successfully gone live on the demo system in Huawei’s Suzhou Research Institute. The speech centered on “Cloud Ticketing”, which echoed the topic of the seminar, and analyzed the realistic problems encountered in the field of rail transit fare collecting system. It has been a trend that online ticket purchase and collection technology would inevitably permeate the field of AFC in rail transit. The technology is also becoming a trending application for people to pay for tickets when taking rail transit.

In addition to Internet+, this seminar also discussed Big Data, interconnection and interworking, and system security. After special reports, a Big Data expert from CSI delivered a speech on “Value Bimodal Data Center Supported by Big Data Framework”, explaining the value of Big Data in rain transit and the development trend of data centers from a professional perspective. His speech received well response from the audience.

As a major supplier of the AFC system, CSI is launching a number of up-to-date AFC new technologies by leveraging its extensive technical expertise in emerging technology, continuously striving for customer success and value creation while maintaining its leading advantage.

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