Manufacturing execution system


Manufacturing execution system (MES) is the link of CIMS information integration, as well as the basic technical methods to implement enterprise flexible manufacturing strategy and realize plant production agility. Manufacturing execution system (MES) is a production management technology and real-time information system which has been rapidly developed internationally and facing workshop level in recent years. MES is able to provide users with the smart manufacturing environment with quick reaction, elastic and refinement to assist enterprises to reduce cost, deliver on schedule, improve product quality and service quality. MES applies to different manufacturing industries (appliance, automobile, semiconductor, communication, IT and medicine), and is able to provide good enterprise information management for continuous and discrete manufacturing enterprises.



Product characteristics

S.MES product platform of Chinasoft International is the “shelf” MES platform facing manufacturing business. It is originated from intelligent plant construction idea, integrates the value core of “industry 4.0” and “China intelligent plant”, and abides by ISA 95 Standard and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Standard. According to the principle of component design and implementation, the components adopt standard open interface, which can be customized based on user demand, flexibly assembled, and realize plug and play.

According to perspective methods, data and knowledge demands at different level, the system conducts information delivery by multiple display methods. The application framework breaks simplification and forms output new mode of three-layer dimensions:

The upper layer is to provide light system solution to enterprise, including internet cloud service, SAAS (software is as service), mobile internet service, etc.;

The middle layer is intelligent processing center (IPC) which is responsible for the unification process of data and provides “shelf” application options. Its content includes: IPC-APP standard business management to realize refined management of the thread of production, quality, equipment, cost and logistic business, and forms business PDCA close loop management from planning, execution, analysis to improvement; the whole life period management of IPC-M production process chain constructs independent data evaluation and analysis, and serves the completed system to form comprehensive plant evaluation and analysis; IPC-DT data service application deeply analyzes production, quality, equipment, cost, logistics and other data, provides enterprise micro report, data processing and analysis, production report, integrated management window, etc.

The lower layer is the carrier of information and control integration in “industry 4.0”, including production site management level and UIC (unit linkage control) layer. In which, production site management layer provides one-station site operation platform for workshop operation work throughuniform management on workshop site operation, and mainly deployed on each production workshop site of enterprises; UIC layer designed based on intelligent plant CPS (information physical system), it is the footstone of intelligent plant construction through the intelligent network of equipment, intelligent data of network and decision-making supported by intelligence.


Service advantages

Resource advantage

It possesses the high-end resource integration of CIMS center of Tsinghua University, implementation team with rich experience, fully supported staff size and aggregation capacity of socialized high-end resources

Advanced design concept

Through many years of MES system project implementation, it deeply understands S95 standard and is able to integrate it well in our system construction. It possesses the design capability of intelligent manufacturing ideological system with the comprehensive guidance of CIMS center experts. S.MES platform is an advanced design concept based on value orientation and data driven mode.

Mature product

It possesses a comprehensive supply chain business solution base through comprehensive productization. S.MES platform has been verified by more than 10 large enterprise MES projects.