Supply chain batch management system


The core of supply chain batch management system is the integrity management of production data chain. Through the establishment and improvement of the physical information identification code standard, it can quickly realize the input collection, judgment and error proofing, query statistics and other operations of batch data of materials and cigarette finished products,and track the change of logistics flow and production process batch in time, so as to realize the tracking and tracing of the whole process of industrial production data chain,so as to construct the overall framework system of lean quality tracking and traceability of industrial brands.

Product characteristics

The supply chain batch management system (PBMS) of Chinasoft International effectively meets the requirements for data acquisition, data accuracy and real-time input of material and tobacco finished products, and realizes precise supply chain quality tracking and tracing of the whole process. Besides, it also meets the multi-dimensional comparative analysis of quality, process, technology, management and the relationship between market reaction and machining process, it also combines with product characteristics to record multi-directional comparative analysis of external evaluation and internal machining process such as market reaction of products, so as to better improve machining process, meet market demand, provide information support and better meet market tendency.

The supply chain batch management system (PBMS) realizes supply chain quality tracking and tracing of materials and finished products in the whole process through production data collection and submission; it conducts more accurate collection, integration, analysis and sharing of material information, effectively meets requirements for production data collection, data accuracy and real-time input with the good interaction formed with related systems, provides full data chain integrity management to further standardize flow, consumption, accurate tracking and tracing of logistics batches in the plant, analysis and improvement of refined management, and improves material refined management level of enterprise supply chain operation through batch management; besides, it will realize the expansion of management and business, such as to provide suppliers with material bar code identification to master the production quality information of raw and auxiliary materials.


Service advantages

Mature product support

Through many years of product research and development, Chinasoft International has already formed mature batch management system product and is able to support rapid deployment and implementation by actual testing of many projects.

Professional team support

With many years of industrial information project implementation experience, the team is able to position user requirement rapidly and accurately, and improve users’ refinement management level.