Industrial data acquisition system


With many years of construction experience in the field of industrial data acquisition, Chinasoft International is able to provide rational and advanced data acquisition solution for manufacturing enterprises. It creates industry-leading data acquisition system through various site bus technology, network communication technology, industrial hardware platform and the application of mature software system. The data acquisition system of Chinasoft International is mostly characterized by “seamless integration, elastic contraction, rapid deployment, stability and reliability, transparent management and economy and practice”. The data acquisition system of Chinasoft International has already covered all kinds of manufacturing enterprises in over 10 cities in China and achieved good industry effect and user comments.


Product characteristics

The data acquisition system of Chinasoft International realizes comprehensive, accurate and real-time collection of all kinds of equipment site data of enterprise, and constructs a workshop level production command and dispatching center based on data acquisition which commands and dispatches production scientifically and in real time by real-time monitor and analysis of equipment operation situation, production progress and product quality to ensure the order and controllability of production, realize comprehensive data integration with enterprise information system such as MES system, give feedback on site information to enterprise MES system, and receive the information of production plan, scheduling and process index issued by MES system to guide production. Build a workshop equipment network centralized control, data real-time processing, on-site real-time scheduling, information online analysis processing, upstream and downstream automation equipment collaborative work, linkage response production process digital management platform, and finally achieve the overall goal of manufacturing digitalization

Equipment interface layer

Realize data interface to each production equipment through original machine operation terminal or separately configured data acquisition station to obtain the operation data of each equipment.

Centralized monitoring layer

Collect the production data of each machine in real-time through software and hardware facilities deployed in the central control room of the workshop to realize workshop managers’ centralized monitoring function in the production process of each machine.

Information integration layer

Realize filling, upload and display of workshop production data based on in-plant LAN to realize the integration with MES.


Service advantages

Mature collection technology

With many years’ experience of data acquisition system construction, Chinasoft International has accumulated very rich experience, and has abundant technology accumulation and mature application experience on all kinds of equipment interfaces, communication technology, site bus, PLC, data intelligent processing and SCADA platform construction involved by system construction.

Outstanding product characteristics

The data acquisition and centralized control system of Chinasoft International is characterized by “seamless integration, elastic contraction, rapid deployment, stability and reliability, transparent management and economy and practice”.

Professional talent team

Many years of construction implementation of data acquisition system has built a highly skilled, professional and efficient construction team and provides powerful guarantee for the smooth and highly effective construction of data acquisition system.