Energy management system


At present, the global economy is developing rapidly, energy has already become an indispensable basic element in human society. In this planet, with increasing energy tension and environment deterioration, how to obtain economical, convenient and environment-protecting energy becomes an imminent problem related to human existence and sustainable development. To look for the solution to improve the utilization efficiency of energy becomes the joint responsibility for the whole society from family to enterprise and government. All kinds of water, electric and gas equipment and classification consumption is the main component of the investment and daily operation cost of industrial facilities, social infrastructure and construction of all kinds of buildings, reasonable layout of energy facility configuration and control functions can significantly improve facility and energy efficiency, also reduce costs.



Product characteristics

The energy management system (EMS) of Chinasoft International collects, monitors and manages the energy data in enterprise’s production link. Make enterprise managers accurately master the cost weight and development trend of enterprise’s energy, help enterprises to reasonably plan and use energy while expanding production, reduce energy consumption of single product and create “low-carbon” efficiency.

1. Energy balance prediction: realize medium and short-term on-line prediction to provide supply and demand prediction curve and assist coordinator to formulate energy plan and dispatch in time.

2. Energy plan management: refer to the result of energy prediction to formulate energy plan, support to adjust energy plan according to the changes of production plan.

3. Energy dispatching management: conduct daily energy production dispatching, implement energy emergency dispatching strategy in case of emergency to ensure safe and stable energy supply.

4. Energy cost management: collect energy consumption data to data center to conduct energy cost calculation and cost analysis.

5. Energy equipment on-line management: collect operation data of energy equipment in production process in real-time, monitor energy equipment status, monitor, record, alarm and analyze energy failure.

6. Energy quality management: conduct the management of monitor, statistic and testing of the quality of energy supplied by energy department.

7. Energy real-time monitor: display the data of monitoring flow, pressure, temperature, electric energy, etc. in a graphic way, realize energy production monitoring, system failure alarm and analysis.

8. Energy statistical analysis: conduct comprehensive query and statistics of energy information, conduct rated quota management, performance analysis and benchmarking analysis of energy situation, provide enterprise managers with all kinds of using and consumption data, assist enterprise decision to formulate and implement the management strategy of energy saving and efficiency increase.



Service advantages

Large technical team

Chinasoft International possesses a series of large structural application development and management service team of management, design, R&D, development, implementation and operation maintenance.

Rich implementation experience

Chinasoft International has rich project practice experience in many important industries in China, projects involve tobacco, transport, finance, military project, governmental environmental protection, social security, finance and agriculture and other industries.

Perfect after-sales network
Chinasoft International has a large number of operation maintenance service teams in each province and city in China to provide customers with rapid, timely and all-round technical supporting service.