Big data comprehensive application solution


In the data technology era, the acquisition and application capability of “big data” becomes the pillar capability of enterprise competition and innovation. Chinasoft International provides enterprises with systematic solution to acquisition, processing, storage and analysis of big data.

The big data acquisition platform realizes structural and non-structural data acquisition, as well as IOT real-time data acquisition based on IOT facilities; the big data processing platform uses high performance technologies such as memory database to realize rapid processing of large batches of data; the big data storage platform constructs highly efficient information storage structure based on distributed file system; the big data analysis platform uses distributed calculation, memory calculation, data visualization and other technologies to realize the exploration and display of large scale data.

The big data comprehensive application solution of Chinasoft International brings about following special value for enterprises:

The big data comprehensive solution will help enterprises to transfer from “digital enterprise” to “intelligent enterprise”

Make data utilization transfer from service operation management to guiding operation management

Make data utilization transfer from supporting business process operation to innovative business mode


Service scope

Smart government

The construction of smart government system is connecting scattered computer room infrastructure, internet infrastructure and information system facilities with the help of the new generation of big data, cloud calculation, IOT, mobile internet and other information technology by centralized, data and intelligent methods, constructing the new generation of cloud calculation service center according to the idea of “thick platform, thin application and big data”, and becoming a system supporting government administrative management, social service, industry support, environment, security and other function coordinating operation.

Smart city

 Chinasoft International is connecting physical infrastructure, information infrastructure, social infrastructure and commercial infrastructure with the help of the new generation of IOT, cloud calculation, decision analysis optimization and other information technologies by the way of perception, IOT and intelligence, constructing the new generation of smart infrastructure, and becoming a system to support urban management and emergency dispatching, real-time reaction and coordinative operation. With urban public service becoming smart and continuous optimization of urban management function, the quality and efficiency improvement of public service and urban operation guarantee will be realized.


Service advantages

Experience on multi-industry data platform construction

Chinasoft International has always been engaged in industry solution and corresponding information construction, it is familiar with industrial users’ demand characteristics for business, management and decision, and has successfully implemented national and provincial data center systems for many industries such as financial, tobacco and government, with abundant data platform construction experience.

Outstanding preparation capability on standard regulation and development planning

It has undertaken the preparation work of standard regulation and information development planning in many industries and deeply understood the huge value of data governance and utility on business improvement and management level.

Professional and national serving capability

Chinasoft International has fully understood the complexity and diversity of enterprise and government data resources and possessed implementation experience on large scale data platform construction with professional national serving capability.

National Top 10 enterprise of technical service

Chinasoft International has been engaged in enterprise service market with continuous improvement of industry competitiveness. Its ranking in Top 100 list of China software and information technology service in 2017 has been improved again, ranking Top 10 is a powerful approval.

Strong cooperating resource

Chinasoft International is the strategic cooperative partner of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Alibaba, Huawei and other domestic and international IT giants. In practice process, it has already effectively integrated the new technology of “big data, cloud calculation, IOT and mobile internet” and business circulation and implemented well. Based on Chinasoft International’s perspective presented by its good development trend, Huawei, Microsoft and other giants have invested Chinasoft International to become strategic investors, so as to further deepen the cooperative partner relationship between both parties.

Mature methodology to ensure project progress and quality

With comprehensive service capability and sticking to the idea of integration and innovation, Chinasoft International promotes the adaptive renovation for system developer of each business with mature data center construction methodology and secures project progress. It possesses management experience of CMMI5 which ensures project quality and progress.