Industry cloud management platform solution


Combined with the business system and information resource management characteristics of each industry, the industry cloud platform solution of Chinasoft International realizes the unified monitoring, scheduling and management of physical, virtual and heterogeneous virtualization through customizable management process, which provides strong support for the industry information construction:

Uniform management to improve operation maintenance efficiency

Dynamic scheduling to improve operation capability

Stable and reliable security guarantee

Customized solution closely fitted to industry

The industry platform solution is not only limited to the capability and user experience of single physical data center, but also treats all physical resources in data center as a resource integration, and realizes the uniform logic of multiple physical data centers revolving from cross data center management, resource scheduling and disaster recovery design. Flexible, effective and open data center structure makes users’ focus transfer from basic structure to business, makes the speed of business launch, immigration and switch faster.



Service advantages

Customization capability

Chinasoft International has technical experts crossing industries in multiple fields, so it can provide all-round “cloud” customized solutions. Various industry partners support and assist the promotion of solutions. With a R&D team of tens of thousands of people, it creates the “cloud management” platform closely fitted to users’ management requirements.

Enterprise qualification

Chinasoft International possesses Grade I qualification of national computer information system, Grade I qualification of national information system security service, international standard ISO/IEC 20000 IT service management system authentication; international standard ISO9001 quality management system authentication; international standard ISO 27001 information security management system authentication and CMMI5 authentication; in addition, it is the cooperative partner of various industry leading enterprises such as Huawei, IBM and VMware, possessing the integration and service capability for products from multiple manufacturers; there are 25 sales and submission centers established around the world, serving over 100 multinational customers and providing multi-language service for various industries.

End-to-end service

Chinasoft International provides consulting and planning service: provides integrated “cloud” solution service capability of structure, product and function, customizes “independent” and “safe” private cloud for users; provides integration and development service: provides all-round integration service of calculation, storage and network and customized development service capability to provide professional and considerable housekeeper service for users; provides immigration and maintenance service: provides users with cloud immigration and cloud maintenance service capability for present business, guarantees users to complete the construction goal of “cloud construction” or “cloud transformation” effectively and stably.