Security operation maintenance integrated management solution


From the overall function of informationized security operation maintenance management of enterprises and combining the new requirements for security operation maintenance management after the appearance of cloud calculation technology, Chinasoft International has formed security operation maintenance integrated management solution, mainly to construct four centers, namely asset management, security management, operation maintenance management and service management, so as to make the application system assets knowable, state visible, operation maintenance manageable and security controllable.The construction process of information system covers all aspects and runs through the whole process, strengthens and standardizes the security operation maintenance management, and improves security operation maintenance guarantee ability. In addition, it’s able to help users to deal with all kinds of operation maintenance work in real-time and normatively, realize closed-loop management of IT operation maintenance management business for enterprises, and finally secures the order operation of enterprise information system, the regular circulation and effective operation of business work, and provides powerful support for the IT informationized management of enterprises.


Solution characteristics

Structure, all components use the same structure and single data source with simple and clear structure;

Cooperation, completed operation interworking, process coordination and data sharing can be realized without product integration;

Interface, uniform terminology, uniform interface and uniform operation;

No integration work needed, uniform installation and deployment model. The implementation team is from one manufacturer which makes it easy to coordinate resources;

Upgrading and maintenance, from one manufacturer with single upgrading process, better maintainability and excellent upgrading path planning;

Application, supporting operation maintenance mobile APP, integrated service “window” and large screen display.


Service advantages

Customization capability

Chinasoft International has technical experts crossing industries in multiple fields, so it can provide all-round “security operation maintenance” customized solution. Various industry partners support and assist the promotion of solutions. With a R&D team of tens of thousands of people, it creates the “security operation maintenance integrated management” platform closely fitted to users’ management requirements.

End-to-end service

Chinasoft International provides consulting and planning service; provides integrated “security operation maintenance” solution service capability of structure, product and function; provides the customized development service capability and provides users with professional and considerable housekeeper service.