Information security (CA) system


The information security is a problem involving multiple aspects, such as virus prevention, internet attack prevention, information confidentiality, tampering prevention, identification recognition, trace confirmation, etc. The majority of enterprises have already established relatively perfect internet security system, including internet management, router, firewall system and anti-virus system, the application of these systems has guaranteed the basic security requirements of enterprise internet. However, the information security still has many defects to improve, such as information confidentiality and log-in security authentication.



Product characteristics

The information security (CA) system of Chinasoft International effectively solve the problem of access control, digital signature and document encryption through technical measures such as identification authentication, access control and security audit based on digital certificate, is used to make up for application security and security information at data level that regular internet equipment have no access to, to make it with highly strong identification authentication and responsibility identification system, so as to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiationof internal business application system in enterprises.

Business characteristics

Highly fitted personalized security integration based on business system characteristics; meet different security integration requirements of different business systems

Uniform regulation, uniform management, centralized filling and graded responsibility.

Provide different management processes for the safe use of different digital certificates according to enterprise characteristics.

Provide security access solution for wide area network of information system according to enterprise internet characteristics.

Provide solutions to safe log-in based on digital certificate according to internet access system.

Function characteristics

Support LDAP V2 and V3 standard, including RFC2251, RFC2253, RFC2254,RFC2255and RFC2256, and support standard LDIF format.

Support PKI/PMI related standard and X.509 V3 standard, especially RFC2459, RFC2587 and RFC3280.

Provide various API interfaces based on Java, C and C# with good secondary development capability and integration capability.

High coupling with each information system, and the connecting point of information system and platform is as less as possible to facilitate rapid integration and renovation.

Support various mainstream middleware platforms such as IBM WAS, JBOSS, Tomcat, etc.

Support various mainstream database products such as IBM DB2, Oracle, sybaes, etc.

Support various mainstream information system integration such as IBM TAM, ICSS R1 Portal/Framework, user friend NC financial system, etc.

Support various mainstream integration of VPN, security agenting equipment and firewall equipment, such as F5 VPN equipment, Array VPN equipment, etc.

Support internet access control integration based on 802.1X protocol, such as Cisco ACS system, etc.


Service advantages

Richa CA implementation experience

There are already multiple successful cases in tobacco industry, proving that it can meet the requirements of enterprise digital authentication; it adopts equipment recommended by National Bureau of Tobacco and secures system compatibility; meets the management process and management regulation of industry standard.

CA application

As the application integrator of many enterprises, it ensures the renovation quality of application log-in and user authentication; it has participated in the joint of application of CA of National Bureau of Tobacco and tobacco companies in multiple municipalities; it is based on tobacco and considers the application of the whole manufacturing industry.

Project implementation

With implemention experience of large projects; standard implementation management process with advanced project management platform adopted.