Statistical process control


Statistical process control (SPC) is a process control tool with the help of mathematical statistics method, it can analyze and pre-control the production process to keep the process in a status that only be affected by random factors, so as to realize the purpose of quality control, quality improvement and continuous improvement. With the development of big data technology, how to combine statistical process control (SPC) with big data method to make SPC better serve for the quality management of enterprises has already been one of the key directions of SPC development.



Product characteristics

Based on advanced algorithm model base and real-time data process technology, the statistical process control (SPC) system of Chinasoft International can not only realize basic control and analysis functions for real-time control map, real-time early warning and real-time trend in the manufacturing process, but also realize quality trend prediction, intelligent analysis improving direction, real-time quality information delivery and other special functions.

1. Monitoring and early warning module (PCM)

The monitoring and early warning module monitors the quality status of manufacturing and production process, conductsearly warning for the process quality abnormality based on the pre-set early warning rules, the warning information will be sent to the large screen on manufacturing site, mobile phone APP and monitoring end screen on site at the same time, so as to realize reminder display and processing in multiple ends.

The manufacturing process status display is multi-level and multi-image optional, the monitoring page level contains group level, plant level, workshop level, single equipment level and single parameter level. Monitoring images are the control charts of monitoring single production batch, such as single value moving range control chart, mean standard deviation control chart, mean range control chart, general control chart, etc. and the control charts of monitoring multiple production batches, such as three-way control chart, box line chart and time series chart.

2. Quality analysis module (QAM)

By using statistical methods and big data technology, the quality analysis module (QAM) realizes the automatic intelligent analysis of manufacturing process.For example, it can conduct hypothesis test, multiple regression analysis, time series analysis and ability analysis on the process. Besides, when the quality analysis module and the prediction monitoring module are jointly used, the real-time prediction on the quality trend and the quality trend prediction for multiple batches of production and manufacturing process can be realized.

3. Measuring tool management module (MMM)

To realize the whole life cycle management of measuring instruments, such as the inspection period management of measuring instrument and the monitoring and analysis of measuring instrument status, also to make early warning or warning reminder on the abnormal status of measuring instrument. The statistical process control (SPC) system’s management on process inspectors is also realized in this module.

4. Inspection and report module (CRM)

The system delivers sampling plan and sampling size automatically and smartly. According to the intelligent adjustment of the generated status, the point inspection plan of the manufacturing site is delivered and distributed. It can also realize the statistical analysis of the process inspection data, and the enterprise can generate the report flexibly and independently based on the change of the enterprise's current situation at any time.

5. Quality information module (QIM)

To realize the query, processing and statistic function of quality information. According to pre-set rules, quality information will be delivered to relevant people automatically. The joint implementation of quality information module (QIM) and quality correction module (QCM) may realize the quality information’s automatic enter into quality improving module and start correction process.

6. Quality correction module (QCM)

Besides of manual input to optimize information and start correction process, SPC system will automatically identify abnormal information in the process and start correction process. It also has the auxiliary function to improve the process and the statistical tool which shall be used for correcting process can be reminded. The result of quality improvement will enter quality community automatically to facilitate sharing.



Service advantages

Professional team
The team consists of professional people such as system experts, lean manufacturing experts and statistical experts, and provides enterprises with professional and high-quality consulting service.

Modular system

The statistical process control (SPC) system of Chinasoft International is designed by module, enterprises can choose partial or all modules based on actual situations.

Whole-process service

The implemention process may cover from bottom data acquisition to the success of system implementation, coach enterprises the whole process of continuous quality improvement.

Continuous high-quality service

To provide operation maintenance and upgrade service of the system for free in a certain period and coach enterprise staff to use SPC system to implement lean quality improvement.