Tobacco industry cloud platform and integrated control system of security operation

Client background

The client is mainly responsible for the monopoly of tobacco products in China, with an annual tax profit over one trillion.The client information center is dedicated to build an integrated digital tobacco, so as to realize the transformation of traditional technology architecture to a new generation of more open, flexible and elastic technology architecture.

Business challenges

  • The infrastructure is old-fashioned and inflexible

  • data center has a complex structure and large amounts of isolated data cannot be shared for analysis.

  • Due to low security operation and maintenance efficiency without effective monitoring means, the company is unable to obtain the use and operation status of IT resources timely, as a result, the information security incidents occur frequently

  • here is a lack of effective management measure for IT construction of 58 provincial-level subordinate units.

Solutions of Chinasoft International

  • to build the basic resource environment of cloud management: by building a two-level-deployed Openstack-based cloud management and control platform for basic resources between the client headquarters and subordinate units, Chinasoft International completed the cloud migration of the core business system. 

  • On the basis of cloud management platform, Chinasoft International has developed the integrated industry management system of security operation and maintenance for the client headquarters, covering information management fields such as project management, asset management, operation and maintenance management, and security management, which lays a foundation for the realization of decentralized and sub-regional unified management and control of IT resources and IT construction of headquarters and provincial-level subordinate units.

Project achievements

  • An innovative management mode for IT resource management in tobacco industry was provided, which realized the unified scheduling of information resources, improved the use efficiency of resources, and reduced the input cost of information construction.

  • A unified automatic data acquisition platform was established, which realized the comprehensive perception of information assets and established a more comprehensive information security monitoring system. 

  • The existing security operation and maintenance management process was optimized based on the new cloud IT resource operation environment, which improved the level of security operation and maintenance control in the industry comprehensively.