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Four Service Features

Zero entry cost risk: you can enjoy 200,000 free orders once you join us. Chinasoft International applies the self-operation mode, and our products are true and reliable because of strict selection. We are actually the best choice of partners.

Rapid and efficient use of idle human resources: integrate, optimize and limit human resources to avoid manual redundancy and greatly reduce comprehensive labor costs.

Automatic operation of resource management: SaaS management is applied to the whole entry and departure procedures, which greatly simplifies the attendance & man-hour management and provides the accurate and real-time tracking data.

Open and transparent of expense settlement: the whole process of expense settlement is interactive online in real time with entirely obvious details, achieving the clear, open and transparent process.


One-stop human resource management service

Online performance: employees’ work will be more stable and efficient

Online attendance: attendance records will be faster and more accurate

Online training: empowered by experts from Chinasoft International for free

Online settlement: expense settlement will be more open and transparent


Three guarantee systems

Project guaranteed: an self-operated project by Chinasoft International with annual business volume of over 300 million; Chinasoft International professional team selects projects strictly with official delivery certification.

Payment collection guaranteed: supported by the Chinasoft International special fund, advance payment is accepted for high-quality partners; solemn promise to return the money within 1 month after payment.

Service guaranteed: exclusive consultant for one-on-one communication; visualizing project delivery process, whole-process monitoring by QA professional team; rapid organization of manpower to reduce manpower cost.

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Honors and Qualifications

  • Won the award of “2017 Most Valuable Brand in China’s Software and Information Technology Service Industry”
  • Won “2017 China Smart City Innovation Product Solution Award”
  • Won “2017 Most Innovative Internet Product Award in China Informatization”
  • Won the model innovation service demonstration case award

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