Public utilities are related to every aspect of people's livelihood. Growing with China's informatization process for so many years, Chinasoft International has made outstanding contributions in various fields such as E-government, audit, social insurance, rail transportation, financial economy, payment and settlement, etc. It has participated in six of "the twelve golden"  projects(Golden Auditing, Golden Agriculture, Golden Quality, Golden Insurance, Macroeconomics and Golden Card), serving more than 20 ministries and commissions of the Chinese government.

Chinasoft International has always maintained a leading position in the solution market of pan-traffic area incl. public transportation, rail transportation, and airport management. It has built three "First-in-China" systems: the first all-in-one card payment and settlement system for urban transportation, the first automatic clearing center (ACC) system for transfer in urban rail transportation and the first automatic fare collection (AFC) system with independent intellectual property rights in China. The all-in-one card solution has been applied in more than 30 cities, with more than 200 million cards issued, which have weathered the test of heavy traffic volume. Based on the continuous development of existing solutions, Chinasoft International will continue to build and enhance its service capabilities for the industry.


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