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As a leading enterprise in China’s software and IT service industry, Chinasoft International is dedicated to building a united, ambitious and passionate team with our innovative spirit and dynamic vitality.We actively participate in the innovation in technology, management and business models, exploring for greater development space and improved core competitiveness. Pursuing innovation and excellence is recognized as distinctive characteristics in the history of Chinasoft International.

Over the years, Chinasoft International has been dedicated to creating a harmonious and innovative working environment as well as cultivating and attracting various talents. We are honored to have recruited many top talents who are good at business operating and management, rich in professional knowledge and always seeking excellence in their careers. This is our most valuable asset, and also our first gift to all the staff of Chinasoft International: a good working atmosphere knowledgeable, capable and helpful colleagues, a broad space for development, an inspiring platform!

As a staff of Chinasoft International, we shall always keep in mind that the determination for excellence is the most essential factor of success, and that team spirit and ambition are the source of constant improvement of our own value. With this faith, we have realized many miracles in this industry since the establishment of Chinasoft International, laying a firm foundation for our great performance at present. In a market with intense competition, we need to be more vigilant, passionate, united and persistent than we have been before. Continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence are still the constant theme of Chinasoft International. Our company’s progress depends on the efforts of each staff, and I expect you to show your talents in this harmonious, ideal and passionate environment, and also create, share and grow up together with Chinasoft International!

Welcome to Chinasoft International!

Chairman of the Board and CEO

Dr. Henry Chen


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Soft international is headquartered in Hong Kong, operational headquarters is located in Beijing, at present, the company has in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, xi 'an city, the Hong Kong special administrative region, in Seattle, Washington, Austin, Princeton and other cities, London, Dublin, Ireland, Budapest, Hungary, Tokyo, Japan and other global dozens of cities has branches and research and development center.

Training and Promotion

We offer multiple career development tracks for our employees to obtain more extensive work experience, more knowledge, more responsibilities and more job opportunities:

1. Management Career Path: developed to the direction of management, i.e., employees will be promoted along the corporate hierarchy of management.

2. Professional Career Path: the direction of management is not the only career path. The company encourages employees to make in-depth development in their professional skills to become “experts” and “senior staff”.


We are concerned about the career development of our employees, and develop a corresponding training system to help our employees achieve sustainable development in our company.
The training system includes: new employee orientation training, role recognition training, general knowledge training, professional knowledge training, management training, etc.

Happy Chinasoft International

In order to enhance the cohesion of the employees and promote the positive, harmonious and free atmosphere of each department, the company and each business department will enhance the mutual understanding and establish harmonious relations in entertainment through group activities. The company will allocate appropriate funds for the activities every year, and will also give appropriate additional staff activity funds according to the performance of each department within the performance appraisal period.

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