Information is changing rapidly today, while the enterprises’ business model and the clients’ needs are also changing constantly. The enterprise operators and decision makers should always pay attention to the changes of the business environment and keep a clear and accurate perspective to make decisions and changes. Chinasoft International Consulting Service Team, who has kept cooperation with clients for a long time and accumulated rich experience, is capable of providing professional consulting services to clients around the world, helping enterprises focus on the key issues in business transformation, supplying the full chain and full stack consulting services from market insight, problem discovery to solution development, and effectively improving the enterprise efficiency.


Service advantages

    • Global delivery capacity

      With branches and capability centers established around the world, the continuous accomplishment of strategic results is ensured for the clients.

    • Superior technology capability

      Continuously innovate in technologies and solutions, provide guarantee to clients in terms of technology realization.

    • Continuous innovation value

      Provide sustainable development strategy for clients by combining the enterprise vision and innovation strategy.

    Service scope

    • Technology consulting

    • Operational strategy

    • Business transformation

    • Enterprise change