With mature methodology, SOW (Statement of Work) based contract management, customized SLA (Service-Level Agreement), as well as integrated ecological resources and rich practical experience, Chinasoft International has gradually become a globalized IT management service provider.


Service scope

  • AO Service capability

    Chinasoft International can satisfy the sophisticated requirements of clients on performance and safety with rich AO experience and 24*7 monitoring scheme, greatly saving costs through preventive maintenance, flexible configuration management and process
  • ADM service capability

    Chinasoft International has extensive ADM experience and has been providing ADM services to world-class companies for a long time. With key technologies such as Agile, Devops and testing, the company can provide clients with the latest and most stable

Service advantages

    • All-round regional radiation

      Chinasoft International has more than 60,000 employees worldwide, with many branches and competence centers around the world, 28 in China and 18 overseas, providing services for 32 countries.

    • Excellent technical team

      Professional technical teams in ADM, AO, cloud computing, big data and other fields, and the human resources are sufficient enough to support the client demands.

    • Complete capability coverage

      We possess integrated management service capabilities including consulting, ADM, AO, IO, cloud computing, big data, CT, and can provide clients with comprehensive E2E solutions.