Smart Data Center of Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) was constructed to build a global airport benchmark

Client background

Beijing Daxing International Airport is a major national strategic project, a major landmark project of the capital, and a strategic project of Capital Airport Group in the process of building a world-class airport management group, a world-class ‘double hub’ and a world-class airport cluster. Daxing International Airport represents the level of the new era, while Smart Data Center is a key success factor for Daxing International Airport to build into a smart airport and a global airport benchmark.

Project challenges

  • Major national strategic project with the highest quality requirement 

  • Major national strategic project with the highest quality requirement 

  • Unprecedented synchronous construction of information system in China

  • Synchronous implementation of data management but difficult data collection condition 

  • Synchronous implementation of data management but difficult data collection condition

Project achievements

  • Depending on mature cross-industry big data construction methodology as well as airport industry business accumulation and data model capability, the construction of “Airport 3.0 Smart Airport” was completed crucially to efficiently support major national strategic projects. 

  • The construction of Smart Data Center was completed on schedule even facing multiple technical and project management challenges, which set up a benchmark for digitalization of airports and intelligence of data centers at home and abroad.

Project highlights

  • Through the consolidation of data across business areas, the technical support is provided for the improvement of flight production efficiency, passenger service quality, safety guarantee level and commercial value based on the data warehouse, intelligent database, big data analysis & processing platform and distributed computing & storage platform, so as to promote the sustainable development of business intelligence application and the improvement of scientific decision-making ability;

  • The scientific planning and orderly implementation are carried out according to “overall planning, step-by-step implementation, from easy to difficult, frequent short steps” and by combining the actual situation of Daxing Airport and the principle of “value/key issues” first;

  • In view of the unprecedented situation of simultaneous construction of airport data center and various business systems in the industry, the “green space method” for the construction of new airport smart center is innovatively formulated to integrate the synchronized construction of platform, standard and organization guarantee, which greatly shortens the construction period and ensures the construction effect.

  • The integration of big data, complex event processing, artificial intelligence, data asset management, and data visualization technologies establishes a solid data intelligence foundation for the construction of "Four-Type Airport” in Daxing.