Privacy Policy


It is very importance to protect your privacy as for Chinasoft International Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Chinasoft International”); we hope to obtain your trust at all times.

This Privacy Treaty explains the information, data collection and use of Chinasoft International. We hope this will help you make an informed decision about sharing your personal information with us.


About privacy issues and access

In case of any questions or suggestion, you can get in touch with Chinasoft International through the contact information on this website, and Chinasoft International will try best to solve it.


Global standard

Chinasoft International is a multi-national organization which has a legal entity, business procedure, management structure and technical system. Our privacy standard is designed to protect your personal information globally. We may share your personal information within Chinasoft International and spread it to the country or region where our business activity takes place. Some countries or regions may not have strict laws to protect your information. In such countries or regions, Chinasoft International will continue to process your personal information in the manner described in these standard.


Amendments to Privacy Treaty

Chinasoft International has the exclusive right to amend and interpret this Privacy Treaty. This treaty will be updated and published by Chinasoft International from time to time, and the updated content will take effect from the date of publication. Please visit regularly for timely understanding.


Links to other websites

This website may include the links to other websites, and Chinasoft International will not be responsible for the privacy treaty or content from such websites.


Cookie, Web Beacon and other technologies

When you visit this website, Chinasoft International may store some information to your computer in the form of “Cookie”; “Cookie” refers to a small text file that a web server transfers to your computer, which cannot be used to run programs and will not spread any viruses to your computer. The purpose of using “Cookie” is only to provide you a simple time-saving function; however, this does not mean that Chinasoft International will receive your personal information automatically. This website may be adjusted through Web Beacon and/or other technologies for providing better services. You can choose to accept or reject “Cookie”.

Though the website of Chinasoft International will not recognize the automatic browser signal relating to tracking mechanism currently (e.g., instruction of “do not track”), you can generally set up the privacy preference in your own Web browser and specify the application method of most cookies and similar technologies. Find the title “Tools” (or similar titles) in your particular browser for information about cookie controlling. You can set your browser to notify you of the cookie before it is received, so you can decide whether or not to receive the cookie. You can also set the browser to turn off Cookie, or turn off Cookie in software products in the product voluntarily. By considering that Cookie allows you to take advantage of some function in our website or in our software products and Saas services, we recommend that you enable it. If you block, close, or reject our Cookie, some Web pages may not display correctly.



The personal information you provide will only be used and shared in Chinasoft International and enterprises related to Chinasoft International. Your personal information is only used to better understand your needs and to provide you with better services or to address matters; meanwhile, Chinasoft International may contact you by using such information in order to provide services. Chinasoft International guarantees the safety of your personal information, and we will take appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information against the unauthorized access, use or disclosure.


Personal information

“Personal information” refers to any of your identifiable information, including: name, gender, date of birth, ID No., address, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, education level, work experience. In general, you can easily visit our website without providing your personal information. However, in order to improve the service quality, Chinasoft International may require you to provide some personal information so that we can better understand your needs when providing services for you, and Chinasoft International has the right to take measures to validate the personal information you provide. If you provide the personal information about others, this means you have obtained formal permission from another person. Chinasoft International undertakes that Chinasoft International will not provide your personal information to any third party other than Chinasoft International or its affiliated enterprises, except at your own will. We will obtain your permission first should we need your personal information, so as to provide services or execute certain events for you as per your requirements, which may include receiving product and service information from Chinasoft International, visiting a higher-level website with some restriction, activity or training registration, purchasing or registering Chinasoft International products, customer satisfaction survey, market research and promotion, recruitment, legal compulsory provisions, etc.