Focusing on cloud intelligence transformation, CSI has launched CloudEasy services and built a service system covering the entire cloud life cycle, so as to facilitate digitalization for governments and enterprises with one-stop cloud services incl. consulting, migration, cloud mgt., DevOps services and so on, as well as hybrid cloud mgt. platform solutions. As the first "Sailing on the Same Boat" strategic partner of Huawei cloud, CSI is a first-class dealer and a CSSP partner of Huawei Cloud, a provider at Yanxuan mall in Huawei Cloud marketplace, as well as the first service provider with Huawei Kunpeng Cloud full stack capabilities. 


Products and solutions

  • Cloud management service

    Cloud migration

    Cloud monitoring, operation and maintenance service

    CMS service package

    Oracle database service

    Cloud cost management tool

  • Cloud solutions

    Cloud storage

    DevOps service

    Mobile application

    IOC application in the park

    AI scenario application

    IMOC application customization

  • Cloud training

    Training system design service

    Cloud training course contents

    Training course customization service

    Certification planning and design services

    Certified examination question customization service

  • Huawei Cloud Products

    Cloud storage

    Cloud server

Successful cases

Qualification certification

  • Huawei Cloud CSSP Certified Partner

  • Huawei Cloud AI Partner Club

  • Huawei Cloud Strategic Distributor

  • Strictly Selected Provider at Huawei Cloud Market