Cloud migration service provided for the largest dairy supplier in China

Client introduction

Founded in China in 1999, our client is a dairy supplier specializing in the production and sales of milk, yogurt and dairy products, and now has become one of the largest dairy enterprises in China.

Project background

Due to the continuous growth of the business, the client already established and implemented more than a dozen of IT systems many years ago, covering all aspects of dairy production.With the advent of the digital age, the company decided to move multiple business systems deployed on AWS to other clouds in 2018, so as to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Project challenges

Cloud migration has always been recognized as one of the biggest difficulties in the industry because of its very complex process, which not only needs to maintain the stability of the business, but also requires to satisfy the business needs, so as to achieve resilience, and more importantly, to ensure data security. When migrating from one cloud to another, the compatibility between both clouds must be considered. The difficulty of this project migration is quite challenging:

  • too many key business systems: there are as many as 9 business systems to be migrated, including e-commerce management and online sales system, e-commerce storage system, marketing management system, etc., and each system is a key system;

  • large amount of software and hardware data volume: as many as 68 hosts, 14 databases, and 24T of data;

  • high compatibility and coordination requirements: the client proposes high requirements in terms of collaboration as for the database between various business systems, which may affect the whole system.

Solutions of Chinasoft International

in order to complete this time of cloud migration successfully, Chinasoft International and Huawei Cloud jointly formed a project team including architects, database experts and network experts. Staff from both sides worked together to develop an elaborate cloud migration process and scheme according to the enterprise’s IT system.

Both parties have accumulated many years of professional capabilities in the field of cloud migration. Through agile operation mode and tacit cooperation, the key link of system cutover and on-line was successfully completed in only 4 hours, helping 9 business systems of the enterprise to achieve smooth cloud migration.

Project highlights

1、1、Breaking through barriers and reaching a new height: quickly broke technical barriers and helped 9 business systems of the enterprise to smooth their way into the cloud platform in just 4 hours, achieving a new height in helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation.

2、Clear, agile and efficient flow: the process for each link of project research, planning, and implementation was clear, and the structure was complete, agile and efficient.

3、2、Skilled technology and excellent team: the project team composed of the business experts and technical personnel with many years of rich experience from Chinasoft International and Huawei accurately grasped the project process and foresees the risk, so as to ensure the high-quality and efficient completion of the project.

4、Stable performance, high cost performance: after the migration, the system run smoothly with stable performance and enhanced functions, which saved considerable IT investment costs for the client, obtaining high satisfaction.