With a variety of advanced technologies and innovative concepts, the digital finance services of Chinasoft International can create a one-stop intelligent banking terminal closer to the habits and experiences of consumers. Based on cloud computing platform and big data technology, we provide customers with more efficient, faster and more affordable technology architecture systems of software services, such as early warning system, early warning security, automatic system performance analysis, customer behavior analysis, product operation analysis and a series of big data services; biometric technology is used to provide customers with more secure and reliable digital banking products.

At present, the digital finance service team of Chinasoft International have successfully provided financial software services for HSBC in Chinese mainland, Hongkong, the United Kingdom, the United States and more than 100 other countries, and have achieved professional, safe and convenient wealth management and consumption platform for customers.


Service scope

Chinasoft International is committed to providing software services and digital solutions for the financial industry, including consulting and technical solution consulting of personal and commercial banking business system, customized project research and development, product research and development, platform research and development of software service, cloud products (Huawei cloud), big data and other services. We adopt lightweight, microservice architecture to deploy plan under cloud and on cloud, develop the platform flexibly, which makes it integrate conveniently, operate stably and can be expanded greatly. We provide technical support, system deployment, code upgrade and maintenance services for many countries and regions.

  • Internet Banking

    Relying on information technology and Internet technology, we provide users with all-scale  real-time and fast financial services through Internet platform, such as account opening, account cancellation, query, reconciliation, intra-bank transfer, inter-bank transfer, credit, online securities, investment and financing, etc.

  • Mobile banking

    Chinasoft International provides personal banking software services on mobile terminals, including account management, fixed deposit, transfer and remittance, foreign exchange service, financial information, investment and financing, stock, fund, credit card application, query, repayment, installment, discount, outlet query service and other one-stop, safe and fast financial services and products.

  • WeChat banking

    The customized financial software services and solutions for WeChat channel can improve the promotion speed and WeChat marketing mode of customer business through the high user volume of WeChat platform. WeChat bank integrates account query, balance query, credit card query, appointment for card application, interest query, interest rate query, financial information and other functions suitable for opening on the platform, so as to provide customers with faster and more convenient services.

  • Mobile payment

    In combination with the advantages of mobile terminal equipment and Internet, Chinasoft International provides various payment related implementation schemes and product research and development on various system platforms, as well as third-party integration, expansion and other related services, including mobile phone and tablet terminal. The main businesses include: completing the payment by camera identify QR code, completing the transfer by camera scanning check, connecting various third-party payment platforms through a unified system, etc.

  • Mobile platform for employees

    The mobile platform for employees provides a consistent, expansible and configurable global solution for employee mobile applications. For mobile devices, SMP provides a unified touch programming interface to improve the reusability of services: employees get a unified touch experience when using different services, functional modules and applications. At the same time, it also provides off-line operation function, so that employees can carry out corresponding business without network. SMP is currently applied to different business situations within HSBC, including account opening, loan, insurance, wealth management, etc.

  • VTM product services

    VTM products of Chinasoft International are component products designed and developed based on the principles of reliability, easy to use, easy to maintain, openness and expansibility.

Service advantages

    • Rich experience

      Familiar with financial industry business and system architecture, rich and sophisticated experience in financial business software development

    • Excellent technical team

      The technical team is mature and familiar with various development languages, technical architectures, and R & D experience of various system platforms (such as IOS, Android, Windows, etc.).

    • Excellent management model

      Excellent team management model, stable team members, rich experience, can effectively guarantee delivery and quality, with a complete quick release and continuous integration solution.

    • Agile development model

      The introduction of agile development mode can improve the efficiency of team delivery, successfully complete the agile delivery of large projects, and cultivate a large number of agile development / testing / management talents.

    • Customer-centered

      Customer-centered and customized services: focusing on customer needs, analyzing and guiding customers to quickly find solutions.

    • Rich and fast services

      With professional, efficient, advanced and innovative service mode, we can provide customers with faster, better and safer modern digital finance services.