Chinasoft International has been committed to the research and development of platform and middleware products. Till now, Chinasoft International has possessed three series of software platform products with completely independent intellectual property rights: Ark big data middleware platform, TopLink/TSA+ platform, ResourceOne platform. These software platform products provide clients with cutting-edge tools for informatization and serve as infrastructure platforms for customized development of industry solutions.


ResourceOne platform

ResourceOne is a middleware platform based on cloud computing. The product family in the ResourceOne platform is the core value condensation witnessing the unremitting efforts and insistence of Chinasoft International on independent innovation in the information construction process of various industries and enterprises over the years. Now, three independently developed product lines have been gradually formed: ResourceOne BizFoundation application development platform product line, ResourceOne component management and integrated portal product line, ResourceOne SOA Suite integrated middleware platform product line.

ResourceOne provides a perfect choice of a powerful enterprise-level integrated development platform for enterprises and application developers on Chinasoft International JointForce platform. Based on the technical capability of ResourceOne and the mature industry architecture experience accumulated, it will be easy to achieve enterprise-level application solutions.


ResourceOne product advantages

1. Widely used in government, manufacturing and other industries. Obtained the trusted cloud service certification successfully

2. Rated as the No.1 brand of China E-government application support platform software products by CCID for 5 consecutive years

Big data middleware products (Ark)

Big data middleware product (Ark) is a one-stop big data scenario development platform created by Chinasoft International in the field of big data, which packages technical details of the mainstream big data technology framework at present, e.g., Hive, HBase, HDFS, Spark. The platform can assist enterprise users in creating the big data processing flow rapidly in a visual way, help enterprises move the existing data to the big data technology system quickly and enjoy new changes of data processing brought by big data technology.

Meanwhile, Ark can greatly reduce the cost of learning to use big data technology for enterprise users, and provide a high degree of consistency, flexibility and availability for enterprise big data application and maintenance, so that enterprise users can easily explore the potential value existed in the ocean of data.

TopLink/TSA+ platform

TopLink is a payment platform product of Chinasoft International with independent intellectual property rights, which supports mass information exchange. Now, it has been widely used in the financial industry to provide clients with safe and stable services.

1. Used in UnionPay headquarters, national, provincial and municipal bank card network exchange centers

2. Support inter-bank and trans-regional bank card online transactions