Based on years of practical experience in the electric power industry and a great technical team support, in the form of business innovation driven by new technology application, Chinasoft International provides leading and efficient IT solutions and services for the energy industry, helps enterprises improve work efficiency and management level, and meets market changes and challenges. Chinasoft International has several product lines in the energy industry, such as billing and energy transaction, CRM and customer service, materials and logistics, intelligent collection and control, energy monitoring and service, cloud computing and energy big data, which can provide public utility enterprises of electricity, gas, heat, etc. with end-to-end integrated solutions for core business from consulting planning, design and development, implementation and construction to market expansion, marketing management and customer service, operation monitoring and performance management.

With full reference to the advanced construction experience of State Grid, SAP and other industries, the electric power marketing management system with independent intellectual property rights independently developed by Chinasoft International adopts micro-service architecture and component development, which can be applied to complete electric power marketing business situations, offline prepayment situations, electric power cloud application situations, etc.


Service scope

  • Electric power marketing management system

    Electric power marketing management system is an informationization management system that supports the marketing business of electric power enterprises. The system “takes customers as the center in our endeavour”, takes workflow as the link, takes the calculation and collection of electric charge as the core, manages the whole process of customers' account opening, change, measurement assets, meter reading, checking and charging, and provides mobile app, website, SMS and other service channels and monitoring and analysis methods.

  • Electric power production management system

    Electric power production management system is an enterprise-level management system that supports electric power production management business. The system takes equipment management as the core, and realizes the whole process management of equipment and production operation by establishing a comprehensive equipment operation, maintenance system and related business management process. The main functions of the system include: standard and specification management, power grid resource management, power grid operation management, power grid maintenance management, technical revolution and overhaul management, special management, etc.

  • Power distribution automation system

    Based on power distribution SCADA, on the integrated model of distribution network GIS, guided by distribution network scheduling management, combined with management at any time, the system integrates data collection, distribution network monitoring, failure handling, distribution network application analysis and power distribution production management functions, realizes the overall automation of distribution network scheduling, production, operation and service, and improves the level of distribution network scheduling management, improves power supply reliability and service quality for power supply enterprises.

  • Intelligent park management system

    The intelligent park management system, from the perspective of the overall framework of business and technology, adopts cloud computing, Internet of things and new technologies, comprehensively integrates, shares, develops and utilizes the park's energy information resources, and establishes a regional comprehensive, precise and informationized energy information public service platform. The products cover the whole process of precise management from energy purchase, energy production, energy output to energy consumption, which collect, monitor and optimize various energy data in the park, improve the level of energy informationization and energy saving and emission reduction management in the park, and provide comprehensive information guarantee for the establishment of low-carbon and recycling demonstration park.

Service advantages

    • One-key installation deployment

      The system realizes the unique “one-key installation deployment” in the industry, which greatly saves cost, implementation cycle and implementation complexity.

    • Supporting multi-languages

      The system supports one-key switching of multi-language packages, which can be used in Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and other language environments.

    • Aided analysis

      Through the analysis over the models, the system analyzes the data of power quality, abnormal power consumption, operation status and other dimensions, so as to improve the management level of power enterprises and reduce the losses of enterprises.