Chinasoft International has been deeply involved in the Internet industry, continuously focused on strategic customers, actively faced with industry challenges, provided high value-added software and information services for well-known Internet enterprises at home and abroad, and achieved common growth with customers.hawse have a mature plan system in online marketing, one-to-N-to N spread and marketing, e-commerce platform, micro e-commerce platform, member management, user interaction design, marketing resource integration and other aspects to help customers achieve digital targeted marketing and increase user viscosity.

To meet the needs of marketing in the micro age, Chinasoft Internet team have also formed a one-stop solution from development to operation on the micro e-commerce platform, which includes: competitive product analysis, brand style positioning, creative document planning, online activity planning, one-to-N-to-N spread, multi-channel interaction, live broadcast interaction, data statistics analysis, member management, etc.



  • Internet of things
  • E-commerce
  • Online education
  • Online live broadcasting