Telecom industry HB (billing): end-to-end business delivery

Client background

The client is a communication technology company and a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, focusing on the field of ICT.As a billing provider of the telecommunications company in Beijing, Jiangxi and Shaanxi, the client is forced to reduce the investment under the background that the service cost is increasing year by year while the telecom investment is limited with constantly rising demand, which affects the customer satisfaction.In 2016, by considering the strategic transformation of client software, a partner vendor with delivery capability (Chinasoft International) was required to undertake HB delivery work independently to client, so as to avoid continuous losses and improve the customer satisfaction.

Business challenges

  • HB billing system is the crucial core support system of the operator;

  • The billing specification of Telecom Group is strict and detailed to the table structure, and its version features cannot be reused to other operators, while the customized version needs huge investment;

  • Provincial Telecom Company has limited investment in billing, but the clients’ service cost is increasing year by year, facing potential loss.

  • Located in Xiamen, the current system version development team of HB needs the remote management; besides, different versions in different provinces result in the poor maintainability and huge maintenance input;

  • Client investment is limited but telecom demands are constantly improving, which affects the client satisfaction and the client brand image directly.

Solutions of Chinasoft International

  • Chinasoft International established a team quickly and signed a cooperation framework with client according to the human cost and telecom investment budget; Chinasoft International was responsible for the satisfaction, delivery content and quality, while the client was only responsible for the business stage;

  • Chinasoft International integrated the original HB product R&D and front-line service personnel comprehensively to ensure smooth transition of delivery;

  • Quickly summarized the delivery experience, output the lightweight ISD and ITR management processes, satisfied the client requirements in language and delivery quality;

  • Arranged experts to guide the planning, organized high-level interactions, and visited the client regularly, so as to grasp customer expectations and solve timely.

Project achievements

  • In 2016, several major projects (internet traffic data rollover, billing x86 virtualization, etc.) were delivered on time with good quality, and the chronic backlog of routine demands was solved.

  • In 2017, experts were arranged to actively guide the client planning, achieving the gradual improvement of satisfaction. Three provinces are expected to invest RMB 30 million.