Data doer Ecosystem enabler (Data engineer in the age of artificial intelligence)

Chinasoft International is a leading player of big data industry in China, targeted at bringing enterprise-level big data technology and application into practice, it provides end-to-end data engineering services including consulting and evaluation, implementation and development, asset management, and value operation for the construction of enterprise data infrastructure (data center/data platform). The company possesses mature methodology, independently developed products and experienced team, and has successful cases of benchmarking data construction in finance, transportation, security, energy, manufacturing, smart city and other industries, which is a value enabler and long-term partner for enterprises in the process of digital transformation and artificial intelligence upgrading in the construction of Digital China.

The core team of Chinasoft International Big Data Service has an average of more than 15 years of data project and management experience in large institutions, and the service group has more than 1,000 professionals in data technology and data science at all levels, which is currently the professional big data consulting and implementation service force with the longest working time and the richest experience in China.


Strategic positioning

Data doer Ecosystem enabler (Data engineer in the age of artificial intelligence)

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Engineering services and contents

Enable enterprise digital transformation with end-to-end services from consulting, solutions to operation

Chinasoft International provides end-to-end data engineering services such as consulting and evaluation, implementation development, asset management and value operation for the construction of enterprise-level data infrastructure (data center / platform). With matured methodology, self-developed product and experienced team, we enable enterprises to magnify value in digital transformation and AI-based upgrade.

  • Infrastructure construction
    • Data center/platform construction

    • Data control and governance platform and system construction

    • Data mining and special data application construction

    • Data operation and maintenance platform construction

  • Management and operation
    • Enterprise data asset management

    • Data service and data operation

  • Artificial intelligence
    • NLP, knowledge graph, machine learning technology integration

    • Image, dialogue system, intelligent recommendation application integration

  • Consulting and evaluation
    • Consultation of the whole process of data center construction

    • Third party evaluation, recommendation and docking of external data and services


Software products

Independent intellectual property rights and OEM software improve the engineering efficiency and quality

  • Service bus

  • Data exchange platform

Data warehouse implementation toolkit
  • BI tool

  • ETL scheduling tool

  • Data warehouse agile development tool

  • Integrated portal

  • Information research and design template

  • Industry model case library

Data asset management platform
  • Data standard

  • Metadata

  • Data quality