Establish an offshore development center for a leading international bank

Client background

The client is a global bank with approximately 4,000 offices worldwide, making it one of the largest banking and financial services institutions in the world.It serves more than 37 million clients through its retail banking and wealth management, industrial and commercial finance, global banking and capital markets, as well as global private banking.The business network covers 70 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

Business challenges

  • The increasing number of scientific and technological personnel leads to the too complex global network organization structure, which cannot be managed effectively. 

  • With the continuous expansion of business, the branches worldwide cause the continuous rising of personnel, site and hardware and software costs, and the management of IT assets also lacks the flexibility and controllability. 

  • The development process is not agile enough; 

  • The bank’s risk-weighted assets are too high to achieve satisfactory business profits.

Solutions of Chinasoft International

  • optimized the client’s organizational structure, i.e., retaining the core structure while removing and integrating the repetitive structure.

  • The offshore development center was established in a low-cost region to ensure a high level of ODC security and guarantee the smooth migration of knowledge by using advanced technologies and process-based management methods. 

  • The client’s development process was analyzed and optimized, and the agile development was used in the development of some business to improve the development efficiency. 

  • The risk management suite and method standard were customized for clients to strengthen the risk management of each business.

Project achievements

In accordance with standardized management methods and process management control, Chinasoft International assisted the client in moving some R&D centers to China successfully and became the second largest service provider of the client worldwide.

Client evaluates

  • Chinasoft International has optimized our original 32 departments to 12 while keeping efficient running of all functions, which simplifies the organizational structure, achieves the clearer management and lower costs. 

  • The process management and risk management are enhanced to reduce more than 25% of risk-weighted assets for us and invest our capital in the business with higher return, helping us achieve the global profit targets. 

  • Help us capture more market opportunities in Asia, including Southeast Asia and China’s Pearl River Delta region, and meanwhile save us nearly $5 billion in costs.