In line with the development trend of banking industry, growing with the advantages of traditional payment and clearing, credit financing and card based business; Chinasoft International has increased product innovation in Internet finance, mobile payment, risk management, big data application, decision-making platform and distributed micro service architecture. We have completed many lighthouse projects. According to the market hotspot and customer demands, the product designs and developments have obtained 192 software copyrights and 150 product registration certificates over the years; through high-quality products and good services, we provide the financial customers with the application solutions and system construction needed for business development.


Business covered

  • Data application

    It includes big data platform, marketing risk control, operation analysis, data mart, providing various live applications based on big data platform.

  • Risk management

    Set up a whole process of risk control management system through credit investigation and approval, anti-fraud, collection and other systems.

  • Bank card business

    Provide integrated solutions covering third-party payment, such as network wide bill collection, integrative front-banking system, IC card, merchant management, integration payment, Internet union access, etc.

  • Credit financing

    Provide banks, microcredit companies and consumer finance companies with fast and flexible product allocation and risk control means in bills, supply chain, Internet credit and financing leasing.

  • Credit card business

    It includes V+ host service, credit card core and credit card external, which provides products and professional services for all kinds of banks in the construction of professional external system, relocation of trusteeship core and the expansion and development of host.

  • Marketing management

    Enhancing customer viscosity and providing a good consumer experience in the comprehensive points, e-mall, customer relationship management.

  • Supervision and reporting

    Follow the Supervision and reporting requirements of “one bank, three commissions”, provide a unified reporting platform, and reporting topics such as credit investigation and anti-money laundering.

  • Basic platform

    Including ESB, rule engine, workflow, integrated development platform, etc., providing flexible and intelligent high-performance processing platform for various applications.

  • Supporting payment and clearing business

    Payment and clearing business: Based on the realization of unified payment platform, new businesses such as mobile payment and cloud card payment have been added.

Service advantages

    • Rich banking expertise

      Since 1994, Chinasoft International has entered the field of financial payment in China, and has accumulated profound business and system construction knowledge in online transaction, clearing and auditing, core accounting, channel acquiring, credit card

    • Great technical strength

      Chinasoft International has a technical team of more than 5000 staff in the financial business, with various experts specialized in system development and integration, who have rich practical experience in industry knowledge, software and hardware install

    • Mature application products

      hawse have registrations of 150 products, involving all aspects of banking business, implemented and launched in various financial institutions, and achieved good business results. At the same time, the product center investigates customer feedback

    • Implementation ability of large engineering projects

      As one of the top financial software developers and system integrators in China, we have undertaken the construction of dozens of national and super large-scale system integration projects. The projects have the characteristics of wide coverage

    Key customers

    100% covering in China's state-owned banks

    Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank of China, China UnionPay

    10 national joint-stock commercial banks

    Nearly 50 urban commercial banks such as Guangfa Bank, Pudong Development Bank, Industrial bank, China Zheshang Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Huaxia Bank, Ping An Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Everbright Bank, Bohai Bank, urban commercial banks and the press association in province rural credit cooperatives, nearly 30 foreign banks, 20 private banks and other financial institutions, and 20 financial companies.