City cloud implementation, the “Internet +software transaction service platform”, aims at “finding the most suitable company in the shortest time and ensuring the on-time finish of the project”. Based on the principle of “openness, fairness and impartiality”, the software capacitiy accumulated and technological advantages of Chinasoft International in the software information industry, relying on the extensive software supplier linked by JointForce, combining with the best practice of project management and the effective management method of the core members, it can manage the whole life cycle of the government informationization project construction digitally and intensively, and create a service platform covering the whole process of the government informationization project construction.

  • It is an important method to optimize the local software industrial structure and lead the industrial transformation and upgrading

  • It improves the quality of informationization project delivery and standardizes the mechanism innovation of government software asset management

  • It can give full play to the market distribution ability and improve the efficiency of the use of financial funds

  • It boosts of the deep combination of government service, Internet, big data and artificial intelligence

Three businesses

  • Overall planning and construction project management

    Joint operation, ecological management, one-stop IT project life cycle butler service

  • Digital supervision of software project

    Compliance delivery, quality controlled and innovative platform supervision services

  • Procurement services under the quota

    Fast procurement, combination of loose and strict management, online bidding and procurement agent of informationization projects

Service overview of cloud implementation service platform

Project life cycle management
  • Project determination management

  • Project portfolio management

  • Satisfaction degree management

  • Performance management

  • Software asset management

  • Consulting on project determination
    • Design consulting

    • Software cost consulting

    • Break-down proposal on project package and construction time schedule

    • Other expert services

  • Procurement transaction
    • Bidding and procurement agent

    • Intelligent bid evaluation

    • Intelligent supplier matching

    • Solution for direct procurement

  • Digital supervision
    • Project control CP

    • Core personnel management

    • Project sound assessment

    • Online supervision tools

  • Supplier management
    • Solution management

    • Supplier graded management

    • Integrity system management

    • Big data map of suppliers

  • SaaS platform + ecological partner service aggregation

Core value of cloud implementation platform

  • Quantifiable and priced services, whole life cycle online software asset management

    Based on the platform's big data service capacities, the software price can be reasonably evaluated, and the risk and cost of government software asset management can be reduced; and the efficiency of software assets usage can be improved

  • Optimize the mode of government procurement and improve the efficiency of procurement management

    Comprehensively improve the level of government procurement services, solve the rapid connecting needs between purchasers and suppliers, and achieve the goal of finding the right company, the right person, and the right and reasonable supplier

  • Transparent process management and effective project risk control

    In the field of project delivery and acceptance, through the project “hot connection” management and project weekly report covering the whole life cycle of software, an effective risk management method is provided for the procuring party.

Four features of cloud implementation platform

  • 01improve the efficiency of financial funds usage
  • 02develop the main force in the construction of digital government
  • 03optimize the construction mode of government informationization
  • 04develop local software industry ecology

Strengthen the whole life cycle management of government-invested software projects, realize the integration of ecological chain and optimization of supply chain, reduce market transaction costs, ensure the on-time completion of projects, and improve the

Successful cases