Honeycomb intelligent manufacturing industry internet platform is a platform based on industrial modeling technology and industrial Internet resources, which can provide manufacturing enterprises with overall solutions for transformation and upgrading, as well as digital sharing economic value-added services. This platform, together with “cloud for industrial diagnosis” (general practitioner of manufacturing industry) and JointForce (ecological aggregation platform), constitutes the "Golden Triangle" of Chinasoft International intelligent manufacturing industry ecology.

Cloud for Industrial diagnosis

Providing different kinds of industrial diagnosis services for different industries, enterprises, models, scales, etc.


It helps manufacturing enterprises accurately connect with the ecological resources of global intelligent manufacturing industry and release the potential of collaborative innovation and leapfrog development.


It integrates the resources of cloud for industrial diagnosis and JointForce platform.While promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, it creatively enables the R & D investment of enterprises to acquire the value liquidity, thus promoting the formation of a benign competitive ecology of intelligent manufacturing industry, and promoting the sustainable and efficient development of self-help controllable technology R & D in the field of intelligent manufacturing.



The "honeycomb" industrial Internet platform is dedicated to providing integrated solutions and lightweight applications such as design simulation, production control, after-sales service for users in the manufacturing industry. it diagnoses and analyzes the layout, balance, innovation and other aspects of the industry, comprehensively judges the problems existing in the transformation and upgrading of users from an overall perspective; takes setting up and manufacturing ecological cloud platform as the goal, JointForce business collaboration as the source, to solve the design, production, after-sales links of resource sharing of users, business collaboration, work collaboration, online transactions and other issues as the main lines of the collaboration platform, and diagnoses the problems in the business process, to achieve the whole process monitoring of manufacturing business.

  • Cloud solution for industrial diagnosis

    Cloud for industrial diagnosis of Chinasoft International serves the manufacturing industry and government organizations. Starting from the manufacturing value chain, it evaluates the industrial structure, layout rationality and the comprehensive manufacturing capacity of the enterprise, finds out problems in the process of transformation and upgrading in time, provides the “best rehabilitation process”, promotes the overall improvement of the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and helps the healthy and balanced development of the manufacturing industry.

  • Design simulation cloud solution

    Design simulation is the R & D and design part of honeycomb cloud platform, which constructs a collaborative work platform for R & D and design services. Users can participate in the design process, design personalized products, review their functions online, change the traditional R & D and design mode, and establish a new R & D and design mode of multi-party participation, efficient collaboration, online review and collaboration.

    Design simulation system, provides the whole design process of application system of CAD design, CAE simulation and CAM process design. At the same time, it uses PDM, PLM or PPL to manage the R & D and design process, manages R & D and design, simulation, file, process and project cycle of 3D technical process.

    The system application supports the integrated applications of the honeycomb public cloud platform, private cloud deployment and hybrid cloud mode. Applications based on public cloud platform include online design, download link, online management of design process; applications in private cloud are deployed to private cloud platform, installed and used on private cloud; applications of hybrid cloud include offline design simulation, online project review and process management.

  • Cloud solution for production control

    Production control: integrating all kinds of manufacturing resources in the production process, supporting users to carry out production plan and task management online, schedule production according to design documents and equipment information; managing production orders, purchased materials, materials and parts in and out of warehouse, quality reports, etc.; during the production process, equipment status and processing speed can be viewed online, and through online quality management, making sure that the final products meet the requirements; managing every process from production to sales, helping enterprises obtain standard business process management specifications from the cloud, and improving business practice capacities.

    The production control system mainly focuses on the management of production implementing process, production resource guarantee and the management of equipment, people and materials in the production process.

    Production control system provides cloud ERP, MES, APS, DCS, SCADA and other systems with industry characteristics for different industries to meet the main requirements of resource management, production implemenrting management, and resource data collection management in the production and manufacturing process of enterprises.

  • Cloud solution for rear service e-commerce

    Rear service consists of two parts. One is to transfer enterprise services from equipment production and sales to equipment maintenance and diagnosis services through new generation technologies such as Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, so as to realize the transformation of enterprise business process and business model, help users “make good use of and manage equipment”, improve equipment utilization efficiency and reduce management cost for enterprises; the other is the enterprise e-commerce platform. Through the e-commerce platform, an enterprise can not only understand and precisely impact the user's behavior, but also understand the customer's needs to achieve product innovation, and reduce the middle links of sales to reduce cost finally.

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