Chinasoft International, with end-to-end software service capabilities from consulting, design, development, testing, operation and maintenance to operation, has been committed to IT software services and accumulated plentiful IT cases and experience in various industries such as government, finance, manufacturing, transportation, education, etc. Through long-term strategic cooperation with Huawei, we have gained an overall understanding and comprehensive supporting capabilities in the ICT field. By organically combining the advantages, Chinasoft International will surely help the telecom operator achieve ICT transformation successfully.

With mobile Internet solutions as the main part, combined with big data and cloud computing technology, ICT business solutions of Chinasoft International deeply explore the potential of operators' internal resources to provide new ICT services for customers in vertical industries.


Service scope

  • Telecommunication Billing
  • Telecommunication big data
  • Telecommunication Internet
  • Telecommunication cloud computing

Service advantages

    • Years of deep understanding of the operator industry

    • Rich experience in vertical industry IT solutions and services

    • Strategic cooperation with Huawei- Global platform + Global ecology

    Successful cases