Xi’an High-Tech Zone Cloud Software Park Project

Client introduction

Xi’an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is one of the first national-level high-tech zones approved by the State Council in 1991. It is one of the six world-class science and technology parks designated by China, also the national innovation demonstration zone, the pilot zone for comprehensive innovation and reform, and the core area of China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone.Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone has formed 4 100-billion-level industrial clusters, including software and information service, semiconductor, intelligent terminal and biomedicine. As a dominant industry, the software and information service industry plays a leading role in revitalizing “Greater Xi’an” and guiding the Digital Silk Road.


Project background

As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, the proposal of the Belt and Road policy puts Xi’an once again on the new starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt. In order to speed up the construction of the Belt and Road new highland for inland reform and opening up, Xi’an High-Tech Zone launched the 5882 strategy in 2017, i.e., to focus on 5 major targets, implement 8 10-billion-level strong foundation projects, create 8 100-billion-level industrial clusters, and achieve 2 trillion-level targets. Among them, the leading project is to construct a famous software city, while the more important target is to construct a 100-billion-level software and information service industry as well as innovation and entrepreneurship clusters.


Business challenges

  • There are great difficulties in information sharing and communication between enterprises in the park, which causes much resource waste;

  • enterprises in the park are developed in an unbalanced state, so the linkage of economic development is impossible;

  • certain difficulties are existed in the expansion of enterprise business, and the expansion scope is relatively limited.


Solutions of Chinasoft International

based on JointForce software cloud ecological platform, Chinasoft International cloud software park, as the complement and extension of the entity park, combined with the park operation deeply and helped the enterprises in the park become bigger and stronger by taking software enterprises as the core driving element and making full use of the internet methods and means, so as to promote the development of the software and information service as well as innovation and entrepreneurship clusters, and then accelerated the ecological development of relevant industries.

The cloud + crowdsourcing method was adopted to push online business opportunities to enterprises in the park through JointForce, so as to realize the cooperation and transaction in and outside the park, online and offline, and between enterprises, breaking through the whole life cycle from employer to service provider.The nationwide resource coverage of JointForce platform will provide a strong support for enterprises in Xi’an Cloud Software Park to obtain the national market expansion and business opportunity information.


Project highlights

Dual-wheel driving and bidirectional enablement: through the linkage between cloud software park and physical park, the enterprise can enter rapidly to enjoy the rights and interests of platform business opportunities, ecological cooperation, online store, marketing promotion, training and enablement, so as to help enterprises improve their capabilities and expand their channels, realizing bidirectional enablement of the park and enterprises.

Innovation, integration and development: the ecological mode of JointForce platform “internet + software service” will promote the integration and innovation among various industries, accelerate the transformation of industrial structure in Xi’an; the JointForce platform is used to improve the efficiency of industrial clusters and talent accumulation in the Internet of Things, big data and intelligent manufacturing, forming a new engine of development with multiple improvements.


Client evaluation

Leaders of Xi’an High-Tech Zone Administrative Committee, Xi’an Industry and Information Technology Commission, Xi’an Software Park Development Center, and Shaanxi Software Industry Association as well as representatives of more than 300 software enterprises in Xi’an High-Tech Zone attended the software park settlement ceremony.

High-Tech Zone committees will cooperate with Chinasoft International to provide support for software enterprises in the park, help them expand business channels and cultivate the internet + era software development talents, to improve the overall quality of the software industry in Xi’an.

- Li Yahong, Deputy Inspector of Xi’an High-Tech Zone Administrative Committee

As a large- to medium-sized software enterprise, we will face many risks during the selection of service providers in the future world, such as high time cost and high expenditure cost. JointForce platform has the advantages of “better, faster and more economic”, which just solves the problem of service provider selection. In the future, we hope to accumulate more high-quality partners and capture more business opportunities through JointForce platform.

- Luan Longyuan, General Manager of Big Data Park, Xi’an Future International Information Co., Ltd.