Solution of enterprise data asset management system


Data values decline with time. An orderly, efficient, complete and accurate data environment is essential for business management and decision-making. At present, the transformation of the Internet+ of industry requires the industry chain to integrate resources such as brand, market, capital, raw materials, technology and so on in the information aspect, and achieve integration and coordination and sharing at a wider scale, deeper layer and higher level. The data asset management system is to apply the scientific information resource planning (IRP) method, comprehensively collate the enterprise data resources (including external related data resources), achieve the data standardization, and then the data integration, unified exchange and sharing, establish the data operation service mechanism, ensure the data quality, support the data mining and utilization, and maintain and increase the value of data.

The construction of data asset management system includes the constructions of information resource planning and data asset management information system. Information resource planning collates enterprise data resources, establishes data standards and data models; data asset management information system guides establishing of data standards according to information resource planning results, and establishes master data management, metadata management, data quality management, and data integrated management platforms.

Service scope

Information resource planning

On the basis of traditional IRP, combined with the characteristics of enterprise informationization development planning, Chinasoft International has developed a set of information resource planning methodology (IRP-ICSS) for enterprise information resource planning. IRP-ICSS not only retains the traditional definition and planning of business in information resource planning, but also emphasizes the definition, distribution and management of data, which is the core and foundation of modern enterprise data center planning.

Construction of data asset management information system

Metadata management

Data quality management

Integrated data management


Service advantages

Multi-industry construction experience of data platform

Familiar with the needs of industry users for business, management and decision-making, Chinasoft International has always been committed to industry solutions and corresponding information construction. We have successfully implemented national and provincial data center system of finance, tobacco, government and other industries, with rich practical experience in data platform construction.

Outstanding compiling ability of standards and specifications and development planning

We have undertaken the compilation of many industry standards and informationization development plans, and deeply understood the great value of procurement management in improving business and management level.

Professional national service capacities

Chinasoft International, with a full understanding of the complexity and diversity of enterprise and government procurement business, has experience in large-scale procurement management platform construction, and has professional national service capacities.

Top ten enterprises of technical service in China

Chinasoft International has been deeply involved in the enterprise service market for many years, and our industry competitiveness has continued to improve. our ranking in the top 100 list of China's software and information technology services in 2017 has been improved again, which is a strong proof.

Great cooperation resources

Chinasoft International is a strategic partner of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Alibaba, Huawei and other IT giants at home and abroad. In the process of practice, we have effectively integrated the new technology of “big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, mobile Internet” with the commercial circulation process, and well implemented. Based on the prospect of the good development trend of Chinasoft International, Huawei, Microsoft and other giants have invested in Chinasoft International to become strategic investors and further deepen the partnership between the two sides.

Mature methodology to ensure project scheduling and quality

We have comprehensive service capacities, adhere to the idea of integration and innovation, promote the adaptive transformation of business system developers with mature construction methodology, and ensure the project scheduling. We have CMMI5 management experience to ensure project quality and scheduling.