Enterprise application integration platform


Based on the infrastructure operation of hardware and software, the application integration platform provides integration services for the application system, details are as follows:

The portal layer breaks the boundary among application systems, realizes component-based application systems, unified registration and management of application components, unified management of user information, single sign-on, authority management, unified authentication, content management, personalized interface customization and other functions, and provides basic services for the construction of unified application portals.

Application integration platform provides enterprise service bus and process management platform in business integration layer;  business service integration for application system through enterprise service bus, service registration, service storage, service life-cycle management and service monitoring management through service management; and business process integration, process definition and process management integration, process planning and process monitoring functions through process management platform.

Application integration platform breaks the interface between application systems, divides the application into components, and forms application component pool. Through the bus, component pool completes the data interaction of business data, analysis data, content data, etc. among enterprise application systems. At the same time, process, information and interactive services are managed as service resources to provide services for application systems integrated by application integration platform.

Application integration platform will establish enterprise integration standard and specification system accordingly to guide and require the construction and management of each application system, including basic resource standard, data exchange standard, integration interaction standard and portal integration standard.


Service advantages

Unified information access channel
By unifying the internal and external information, users can access the information they need from a unified channel, so as to achieve the purpose of optimizing enterprise operation and improving enterprise management ability.

Continuous service
Through the network and safe and reliable mechanism, users can access the information and applications of the enterprise at any time and any place, to ensure that the continuous business operation of the enterprise.

Personalized application service: the data and application of information portal can be set up and provided according to the requirements of each person. Personalized application portal can be customized to improve the efficiency of employees and enhance the basic management ability of enterprises.

High expansibility
It can adapt to the changes of new personnel and departments, meet the requirements of business adjustment and expansion, and solve the technical requirements that cannot be solved in a short time by the enterprise and it department.

Safe and reliable guarantee

ensure the regular operation of business through the security mechanism to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data.