Enterprise mobile application management platform

Platform features

Complete and practical standard and specifications

Only relying on advanced technology cannot build standardized and practical enterprise mobile information, which needs to cooperate with complete technical specifications and management specifications. Chinasoft International mobile application management platform provides mobile development standards, mobile UI standards, mobile security standards, mobile management standards, and standardized personalized services according to the characteristics of users.

Open mobile development framework

We provide an integrated development environment for mobile application design, development, testing and release and the rapid development capability of mobile applications through guides, modules, components, SDK, etc. Developers have an easy access to the technology; you can develop mobile applications by mastering HTML5 technology.

Unified management control

Mobile device management, mobile application management, message push management, unified user management, unified authentication management

Integrated security

SSL based transmission encryption; providing data encryption based on MD5, AES, DES, Base64 and other encryption algorithms; supporting account / password, SMS verification code, digital certificate and other authentication methods; supporting registration, binding, monitoring and remote control of mobile devices

Application components can be used out of the box

The functional components provided by the platform are all developed and accumulated from the actual projects, which have strong practicability. These functional components can be used out of the box. Combined with the UI module provided by the platform, enterprises can quickly build mobile portals.

Service advantages

Component-based development technology

The platform is fully developed with component-based technology, with strong adaptability and expansion ability. We advocate that mobile applications should be developed in a component-based way to adapt to the rapid change of mobile Internet demand.

Flexible further development

In order to meet the personalized needs of users, the platform can carry out further development and package according to the needs of the users; customize the development of enterprise mobile portal UI to form a mobile platform with its own characteristics.

Distributed deployment

The system supports distributed deployment. According to the characteristics of services, multiple services can be deployed on different servers.

The system supports various popular cloud platforms, including public clouds such as Alibaba cloud and Huawei cloud, as well as private clouds built by enterprises themselves.