Solution for enterprise procurement management system solution


Procurement management is an important part of business management. Strengthening procurement management is an important way to reduce cost and increase efficiency, which is of great significance to promote lean management. In recent years, the scope of procurement of enterprises in various fields has become wider, and the number of procurement has increased dramatically. Under the background of the increasingly diversified, fragmented and decentralized procurement management, and the general trend of information development, how to improve the enterprise procurement management mode, specify the whole procurement life cycle management, standardize the procurement business behavior, and promote the procurement lean management by means of scientific and technological means has become an extremely important part of enterprise management.

Over years of practical accumulation in the industry, Chinasoft International has a dominant position in the solution market of pan-manufacturing process fields such as tobacco, government, large state-owned enterprises, etc. We take the lead in integrating lean thinking into the whole process of procurement management, and form a unique procurement management system with independent intellectual property rights. We establish a new solution for procurement management system of the enterprise up and down collaboratively, internal and external, consistent, whole process management.

The solution for procurement management system of Chinasoft International brings the following special values to the enterprises:

It has unified the standard of internal procurement operation, and realized three comprehensive coverings of all procurement subjects, all procurement businesses and all procurement processes.

It has fixed the operation procedures, standard requirements and archives of the procurement business, realized the binding constraints on the procurement management, and realized the three integrations of business, supervision and publicity.

It has effectively prevented the procurement risk, improved the internal standard management level and image of the enterprise, prevented the risk of damaging corporate integrity, and realized the public procurement.


Solution features

Guided by the combination of business control and supervision management, standardized procurement management is realized.

In line with the needs of the enterprises, forming the life circle project management through integration and taking standardized procurement management as the main point

Under the existing integration framework of the enterprise, an ecosystem of data-based process integration, portal integration, authority integration and user integration is formed with its surrounding systems.

The supervision idea of highlighting the five requirements will be deeply integrated with the businesses of the enterprise, so as to meet the requirements of internal supervision departments in terms of supervision indicators, management processes and public issues.

According to the relevant system documents of procurement management in various industries, combined with many years of experience in the construction of procurement projects in various industries, we put forward the “Six, Five and One” ideological system of supervision and management, i.e. the six requirements of operation systems, to solve five problems and to achieve one effect.  Details are as follows:

Operation system of six requirements

Routinization of supervision work, streamlining of procedure implement, nodalization of process operation, standardization of node monitoring, responsibility to individual of standard implementation and efficiency of process implementation

Solving five problems

Fix procedure, determine standard, react over abnormity, control effectively and clear responsibility

Achieving an effect

Through the construction and implementation of the enterprise procurement management information system, fix the system into working procedures to solve the problem that cannot be managed; the behavior that does not meet the internal regulations of the enterprise will automatically react over abnormity to solve the problem that cannot be managed; the key points in the process will be set to the specific management personnel with clear responsibilities to solve the problem that he/she does not want to manage.


Service advantages

Multi-industry construction experience of procurement project

Familiar with the needs of industry users for business, management and decision-making, Chinasoft International has always been committed to industry solutions and corresponding information construction.We have successfully implemented national and provincial investment management information system, procurement management information system and many enterprise-level investment and procurement projects in finance, tobacco, government and other industries.

Outstanding compiling ability of standards and specifications and development planning

We have undertaken the compilation of many industry standards and informationization development plans, and deeply understood the great value of procurement management in improving business and management level.

Unique product design and R & D advantages

Products with independent intellectual property rights, clear product implementation process, guaranteed implementation progress and quality, unified design in personalized upgrading, convenient and fast, and obvious advantages in project research and development and implementation.

Professional national service capacities

Chinasoft International, with a full understanding of the complexity and diversity of enterprise and government procurement business, has practical experience in large-scale procurement management platform construction, and has professional national service capacities.

Top ten enterprises of technical service in China

Chinasoft International has been deeply involved in the enterprise service market for many years, and our industry competitiveness has continued to improve. Our ranking in the top 100 list of China's software and information technology services in 2017 has been improved again, which is a strong proof.

Great cooperation resources

Chinasoft International is a strategic partner of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Alibaba, Huawei and other IT giants at home and abroad. We have well implemented the combination of new technologies of big data, intellectualization, Internet of things, mobile Internet, cloud computing and business circulation process. Based on the prospect of good development trend of Chinasoft International, Huawei, Microsoft and other giants have invested in Chinasoft International to become strategic investors and further deepen the partnership between the two sides.

Mature methodology to ensure project scheduling and quality

We have comprehensive service ability, adhere to the idea of integration and innovation, promote the adaptive transformation of business system developers with mature construction methodology, and ensure the project schedule. We have CMMI5 management experience to ensure project quality and schedule.