Integrated management solution of security operation and maintenance


Srating from the overall function of security operation and maintenance management for enterprise information, combined with the new requirements for security operation and maintenance management after the emergence of cloud computing technology, Chinasoft International has established an integrated management solution of security operation and maintenance, which is mainly to build four centers(security management, operation and maintenance management, and service management) of asset management , so as to make asset known, state visible,  operation and maintenance managed, and security controlled of the application system running on the basic platform. The information system construction process is fully and throughout covered. The safety operation and maintenance management is strengthened and standardized to improve the supportability of security operation and maintenance. At the same time, it can help users to deal with all kinds of operation and maintenance work in real time and in a standardized way, realize closed-loop management of IT operation and maintenance management business, and finally ensure the orderly operation of enterprise information system, normal flow and efficient operation of business work, and provide strong support for IT information management of enterprises.

Solution features

Architecture: each component adopts the same architecture, single data source, simple and clear structure;

Collaboration: no need of product integration, complete operation interaction, process coordinating and data sharing;

Interface:  unified terminology, unified interface and unified operation;

There is no need to integrate: the installation and deployment mode are unified. The implementation team come from a single manufacturer and the resources are easy to coordinate;

Upgrade and maintenance: single source of manufacturer, single upgrade process, good maintainability, good upgrade route planning;

Application: matching operation and maintenance mobile app, one-stop service "window" and large screen display.

Service advantages

Customization capacities

With cross-industry and multi-field technical experts, Chinasoft International can provide a full-scale of customized security operation and maintenance solutions, support and assist the promotion of solutions with many industry partners. With a development team of ten thousand people, we will build an integrated management platform for safety operation and maintenance that fits the needs of user management.

End to end services

Chinasoft International provides consulting and planning services: we provide security operation and maintenance solution service of architecture, products and integrated functions;we provide customized development service, and professional and intimate butler services for users.