Cloud Integration – Nanjing “Internet + government procurement”

On January 29, 2018, Nanjing Municipal People’s Government and Chinasoft International signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Nanjing Municipal People’s Government and Chinasoft International Information Technology Co., Ltd. formally. Both parties agreed to develop the in-depth and long-term strategic cooperation around the Nanjing Internet + software trading service platform.

1+100+1000 Comprehensive Cooperation Plan

build one online software trading platform and assemble 1 million software professionals to create 100 billion level of online software industry ecology.

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(Nanjing Municipal People’s Government is signing for strategic cooperation with Chinasoft International)

On June 15, 2018, Chinasoft International JointForce and Public Resource Center developed the further cooperation: carried out the joint design joint with credit service through the construction of enterprise credit system and the data sharing to provide further data service support for Nanjing Internet + government procurement.


(Chinasoft International JointForce is signing for strategic cooperation with Public Resource Center)

Service value of Internet + software transaction service platform

1. Lower procurement cost. The online transaction service of the project can realize the integration of ecological chain and the optimization of supply resources, reduce the market transaction cost, and improve the resource allocation quality and efficiency.

2. Shorten procurement cycle. The closed-loop cycle of the project from demand release to contract signing is shortened by more than 30%, which greatly improves the procurement efficiency of the project.

3. Strengthen supplier credit management. Big data description service is used to evaluate the supplier’s capability, qualification, credit, and case information comprehensively based on the massive supplier information and behavior data in the service platform, so as to help the construction company identify the most suitable supplier.

4. Improve project delivery efficiency and quality. The full life cycle service of government informatization project is improved to realize the transparency and traceability of the whole process, and help the construction company to identify risks and problems in the project delivery in time.Meanwhile, the online software asset management is realized initially to reduce the risk and cost of government’s software asset management.

Phased achievements of internet + software transaction service platform

aims at the preliminary exchange and pilot docking work of Public Resources Trading Center. With the active coordination of relevant departments, the following cooperation contents are reached:

1、Information sharing on procurement publicity above quota and bidding publicity. Realize the interconnection of announcement information in the bidding with Trading Center, and help Trading Center expand the scope of supplier collection. Further promote the project cooperation between local enterprises and government.

2. Establish the enterprise information sharing mechanism, further improve the supplier information base, and provide a more accurate and reliable data services. Improve the ability of Trading Center on analyze and evaluate the enterprises participating in bidding and further improve the credit system for bidding purchase over a quota through enterprise and credit data services in internet + software transaction service platform.

3. Continue to work together for design and improvement of supplier capability and credit evaluation services. Jointly design the data service content and data sharing strategy of internet + software transaction service platform based on big data, so as to continuously provide valuable data services for public resource transactions.